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I may be totally in the wrong here. Stupified even. But it seems that either I forgot how to add images, or something went wrong with the personal image wiki.

So, it seems that I'm able to add an image to my collection. But I can't edit the tag anymore. I don't see a save changes button anywhere. Green or red, or otherwise.

I'm on Firefox 23.0.1 right now. Windows 8. Am I missing something? :/

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I'm actually getting server errors when trying to access any user's image gallery.

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@chaser324: Well that's just weird.

Er also if you can let an engineer know or something, but I have this one weird broken image. Where there's nothing in it, and It can edit or delete it, or right click to view image. Its not too-too deep dug in. If someone could just dig right into my bucket of dumb images, and delete that, it'd be great! It was probably left over jargon from trying to import a gif or something.. :)

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@blu3v3nom07: @chaser324: Yes, this has been bugged and will hopefully get looked at soon. Sorry for the trouble.