#1 Posted by tsigo (116 posts) -

On the New Games page, just as an example, the Platform filter is nonsensical.

Why is that blank space there? What order is this in? It's not alphabetical.

And on the New Games page specifically, you should really only show platforms that have upcoming games, or at least just the ones that are from the current or upcoming generations.

#2 Posted by Winternet (8265 posts) -

It's non-euclidean order.

#3 Posted by snide (2672 posts) -

It's the secret platform only people in the industry about. You haven't heard of it yet.

Or, it's a bug. Noted. Thanks.

#4 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

Yeah, there's one platform that hasn't been given a short name. I've known about that for, what, a few years? I guess I forgot to ever report it.