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I spend a lot of times on the forums but spend a bit less time these days because I'm a little tired of how hard it's become to edit and add responses/quotes, how messed up quotes can be and how stupid hard it is to say anything after a quote half of the time, etc. The last text editor was always a bit... special... But I was hoping the new site would focus on getting this stuff working much, much better. Instead it's gotten a lot worse, which would be understandable with a new site but it hasn't been touched much from what I can see. Any idea on when we might see that getting some attention? I'm not trying to say it should be high priority as I know there's probably plenty of more forward facing stuff on the content half of the site to take care of, but I'd really love a better forum experience. Also, auto merging consecutive posts would be awesome. I always considered that to be kind of the expected until Giant Bomb, but it'd be really nice. Editing a post on the last page to have a quote from page 2 and a reply from page 7 is a pain in the ass. But I feel like a dick when I just have like 3 messages in a row.