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I've noticed a few times while adding guides to the wiki that there is a difference in the formatting in the Guide section than there is on say, a blog. Is there a reason for this? I can make things look good and the way I want on my blog, but then transferring them to a guide, it looks like shit.

First of all, images don't align. I am trying to make an image align to the right, but it's not having it. Sits on top. Quotes don't work either. Also, why doesn't the indent function seem to save after posting said blog/guide? It works in the editor, but when it's published it goes back to being in the left margin.

To reference, I was making a collectible guide for Bioshock Infinite. I got a little through, and then I published it and it ruined the formatting. I put it in a blog and it looks fine - well except for indent; this is for the name and date under the header.

Blog: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/baillie/blog/why-won-t-this-work/100372/
Guide: http://www.giantbomb.com/bioshock-infinite/3030-32317/guide/

Please, fix this.

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I actually have a fix for this forthcoming. I noticed this last week, should hopefully go out on a push today.

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@alexisg: That would be fantastic, Alexis. Thank you! Will this also have the fix for the indentation?

Indentation test.

Weird, the indentation works here, I guess it must be where I'm placing it. I think it may be because it's under a header... Hmm.

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Indentation in the blog is messed up or in the guide? Right now the guide is not getting any of the styling which it should. We have a class name which basically makes all wysiwyg content look roughly the same across the site.

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@alexisg: I'll attempt what I'm trying to do here.

Voxophone Title

- Author of Voxophone (Should be indented)

Voxophone #

Text in reference to Voxophone.

Voxophone Transcript

Transcript of the Voxophone, in a quote form.

Author of Voxophone

Hopefully this should all work

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@alexisg: Yep, this all seems to work as intended. I'll just await the push of the updated code.