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Okay so this enervated me a bit.

I had done quite some work on the SimCity page. I had added a reception section with a subsection for the "server issues" controversy, removed biased phrasing, removed usaged of second-person pronouns, added images, reworked the Overview section, etc.

All in all, hours worth of work that I was proud of.

And it was prone to this weird bug. Every time I submitted a change, I got a "Whoops! Something went wrong" error message, as I described in this thread, and my updates didn't seem to go through at all. Eventually I realized that they did, but that they took several minutes to show up. I had been editing other pages on the site, but this error wasn't being replicated anywhere else.

And now all of my edits are were gone. So I'm wondering two things:

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. Is it possible to get them back?

According to the page's history no one else but me has been editing it, so it couldn't have been a "griefer".

No I didn't save any back-up. I was under the impression that the wiki was back up and running just fine, even though that particular page was buggy as heck.Thanks this amazing FireFox add-on I was able to get my edits back. I'm so relieved. I got 250 undeserved points for putting them back up though. It seems that updates go through to the SimCity page just fine now, without any error message, and showing up instantly. Nonetheless, is anyone having similar frustrations with the wiki? And can one of the Top Men explain what happened here?

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That Firefox Addon is really cool. I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

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