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Sometimes when I make a wiki edit, the new content does not show up but I get wiki points and the history shows the edit. If it involves linking a page to another page, that link also exists.

I just wrote a 200+ points paragraph to outline what Citizens of Earth is, then I hit submit and the page looks like it did before the edit but I got the points and when I try adding a tiny detail again (I tried the date), the information partially shows up (the game details table contents).

With bugs like these around, wiki editing is a lot less fun these days :(

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I happens to me every now and then. The info usually shows up eventually, like an hour or two. Still, pretty annoying.

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I just wrote the whole thing again with even more text now. Not showing up again. What the hell?!

Submission is showing up now finally.

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Sometimes they take some time to show up in the live version. Caching issue I guess.

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@lordandrew: The problem with that is that if you then go and make another change, like I did, then the new state gets treated as the one that should go through and you end up losing the previous submission. My original 200+ point entry never showed up. I added the release date again to try and force it through but only the game details tab filled up with the stuff I had previously entered, the actual text body never went through. Only after writing it all from scratch and then waiting a few hours did that text finally surface on the page. This definitely needs to be fixed or this will end up screwing with someone's extensive submission some day.

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Oh, I understand how it can be a problem. Check out the history of the Linux wiki to see me making essentially the same edit twice because I didn't think it went through the first time.

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I have also had this issue a few times. I learned to just leave it alone if it didn't show up.