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This is a strange one and I've tried to google this, but couldn't find anything that fits. I was able to watch youtubes embedded videos that people would post on the forums. Starting yesterday though I've stopped begin able to see the embeds. I don't mean seeing the embedded video with a black screen. I just don't see anything.


And yet I can see youtube videos that were posted before yesterday.

I'm running Windows 7 with the latest version of Chrome. I've also tried this with ad-block on and off. Also in incognito mode too.

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I have the same problem. But I think I can see videos pther people have posted while I can not see the ones I have posted.

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+1 on this. You see the embed when you're in the text box but then when you hit post you get a big blank space where the video should be.

I think @ltsquigs messed with something before he left as a calling card, Wet Bandits style.

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It's been happening to me too. I've even seen other people post big empty spaces where videos were meant to be.

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EDIT: Ahh! It's broken! NOOOO!!!

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Same here. I can't see most of the videos that were shared or the ones I have embedded.

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Video totally (not) related...

EDIT: Ahh! It's broken! NOOOO!!!

I can't even see the (quoted) video in the text box. I mean, I can swipe over it and get the buttons that let me fuck around with it, but the video itself remains invisible.

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This thread's gonna get freaky.

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Yeah, same issue. I knew something was missing from posts but I wasn't sure what it was.

Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Firefox 26.0 and Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m

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Weird none of the code around this has changed at all in like 5 months, will look into youtubes end.

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@ltsquigs said:
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working on my end as well. Could you possibly say what was wrong? I'm super curious.