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For those of you that don't know--which will be most of you--Bullet Run was a free to play FPS that was kinda sorta mediocre, but I thought I'd let you all know that it has ceased to be. Here's a statement from SoE.

It was certainly unpopular and a pretty crummy game. It was SoE, so, the micro-transactions were mostly disgusting. The player count was around 40 or so the last time I played, which was a couple of months ago. That in itself blew my mind.

I guess I shouldn't be so shocked that it has died so quickly, I haven't seen anyone talk about this game or report its end or anything!

So, I'm curious. Did you know about it? Did you play it? I am fascinated by its lack of exposure. It raises questions about this now-crowded genre. You only have to look at the Steam Game and Player Statistics to see that people play the same multiplayer games, both f2p and non-f2p, every single day. Who the fuck would want to play this game...

I Just feel bad for Acony Games (developer) I know that they've spent years making it under different names.

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I wasn't surprised at not hearing about this game, until the SoE part. Do they not like to promote their games? I did see a Planetside2 commercial the other day, but this game's existence (and death) is news to me

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Ya see, that's pretty interesting.

One of the server closure reminders on the SoE site effectively says; go play Planetside2 instead.

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What the hell...

Games live and die by advertising, people.

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I played one game of it, it was TERRIBLE

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Never even heard of it

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Game looks like crap, so maybe don't make crap games?