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Posted by Jrinswand (1711 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: Is Burnout Paradise Awful? (63 votes)

Yes 32%
Yes 44%

Okay, so I know that I'm about four years late, but I just bought this game for like $3.50 the other day during the Amazon sale and holy fucking shit, is this game bad. Yes. Yes it is. Who the fuck makes a racing game without any tracks and a godawful navigation system (by which I mean no navigation system)?!

It's a shame too because I've always been a huge fan of the Burnout series as a whole. Arcade racers have always been my favorite. But man, open world racers are dumb. Well, at least this one is. Driver Mindcontrol (or whatever it's called) was pretty okay.

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You have bad opinions.

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Just so wrong, paradise is my favorite racing game this gen, stop making incendiary posts.

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Navigation is pretty bad, but the game itself is just fun to drive around and find the jumps and shortcuts and stuff.

Click both the sticks in also.

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@bestusernameever said:

Just so wrong, paradise is my favorite racing game this gen, stop making incendiary posts.

It's not incendiary at all. The game has no clear tracks (which, let's face it, is a bad idea without any sort of good minimap or arrow guiding system or anything), forces you to seek out races, which could take forever because the city is a bitch to navigate, and doesn't allow you to restart races when you fuck up, which is constantly. You have to keep racing until you fail, at which point you are all the way across the city.

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You can totally retry races. You couldn't when it was released but they patched it in. And the game is great fun, I never had a problem with driving routes.

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YES! I am not alone in saying this!

...all right, Burnout Paradise is not a bad game if you're willing to memorize the city and know it well. But I don't necessarily think that a game like this should, from the very start, expect you to know the city's ins and outs so perfectly as to be able to navigate them at blazing fast speeds. What's frustrating is that this could have easily been fixed with, say, a difficulty setting, where "Hard" doesn't have any sort of track, "Normal" sets a track but allows you to drive off of it, and "Easy" just has a defined track that no one could drive off of. It's a crippling flaw for me, and I hate that because this game had the potential to be the absolute best in the franchise but instead I have no fucking clue where to go.

And don't tell me about the clicking turn signal. I know about the fucking turn signal. But when there's loud engines and alternative rock screaming in my ears along with my eyes trying their best to keep up with the road, those turn signals are almost tauntingly saying "See, we came up with a solution, and it works!" No, it bloody doesn't!

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You're right, Driver San Fransisco is a much better open world racer, but that doesn't make Burnout Paradise bad. If it did have actual navigation then Paradise would rank much higher for me, but so far Burnout 3 is still the king of the Burnout games.

It's fun to drive around, do stunts and smash billboards but actual races sucked in Paradise because I kept getting lost.

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There are races? I just used it as a crash sim.

But really, it's a fine game, a good one even. I just far prefer Burnout 3. I don't like open world racing much either.

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I been on Burnout since 2. 3 was where it got big, and Revenge was pretty good. I got Paradise on Goozex, and I could never get into it. I dunno. It might of been because it was the 360 version, and those triggers are just gimped.

Edit: I loved 2! Its was the one game where me and my cousin would play it so much, and then go to the corner store, and we would want to almost hit the on-coming cars. Awful, I know.. But, good times..

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Burnout Revenge for the 360 is my personal favorite version. That being said, Burnout Paradise is a really good game but I do agree that the level design was kind of wonky. Races sometimes were needlessly hard because you sort of had to know the city to know the route. That being said, the think I really never liked about open world games with driving and a mini-map was that I was always playing on the mini-map instead of looking at the game.

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It's ok. Nothing special.

Most Wanted (the original) is better.

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This poll serves absolutely no purpose. It should be locked.

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Crashing cars at 60fps is pretty sweet.

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I would not go that far but I could not get into that game. I loved Burnout 3.

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Whoa. Whoa now. This game was amazing. I unlocked just about everything in this game, spent hundreds of hours and every one was a blast.

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I tried the demo and thought it was crap so I didn't buy it when it came out. Then they had like 4 huge updates for free and the price dropped to $30. I found $50 on the sidewalk so I bought it. It's not my favourite racing game this generation but it is the one that I played the most. You're wrong in saying that there are no clear tracks. There is a dirt stock car track in White Mountain. My two major problems with the game now that I've given it a second shot are:

  1. It takes control out of the players hand to do showy crashes. Often times it'll send your car flying across four lanes just to wreck into something because it thinks you crashed, even though you were going 5km/hour and clipped a side mirror. Games should never take control from the player
  2. You can't disable it from playing Paradise City at the start of the game. You can blacklist it from the soundtrack once you are in the game but when you load it up and in the main menu it hasn't loaded the blacklist yet so that fucking terrible pile of garbage plays right away.
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You sir, belong in an asylum.

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... you're awful.

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I have only one question: "Do you hate fun?"

Burnout Paradise is like the only racing game of this generation that I've liked.

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awfully good

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That game is- well, I've never actually played it, but it's got great box art.

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What do you want a racing line?


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Well Burnout Paradise was the first burnout game I played, and I freaking loved the hell out of it and was hooked for a good 50 hours. To me it was just pure fun

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This poll serves absolutely no purpose. It should be locked.

awfully good

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It's alright but it's certainly no Burnout 3 or Revenge.

There is something to be said about a well designed race track vs an obtuse open world and what is to be said is that the former is good and the latter is bad.

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I played the demo (in Japanese for some reason) like 5 times and I couldn't get in to it all. I also thought that smog filter they had on it was awful.

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What do you want a racing line?


Actually, yeah. That would be nice.

What? I'm supposed to memorize the entire layout of Paradise City?

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You paid $3.50 for it. You should probably just move on.

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You paid $3.50 for it. You should probably just move on.

That argument doesn't make any sense. I didn't pay anything for Tribes: Ascend, Star Trek Online, or League of Legends and I've had tons of fun with those.

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I agree, I love my racers even though I haven't played many in a while. But this game really bothered me. I don't want to waste time looking for races to do, I don't want to waste time pausing the game to look for the best route, I absolutely hated how many times I blew by the best route because it wasn't clear until you're halfway through the turn going full speed and expecting to go straight... I was expecting to 100% a game like this but I probably didn't even get 10% of the way through until I just stopped playing for those reasons. Mechanically, it's a really fun game. But man, lazy work with no actual tracks and the navigation system was one of the worst I have ever seen.

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Burnout Paradise certainly wasn't bad but I still found it to be a disappointment. They took out parts I enjoyed and added the free roaming as the main mode which I definitely did not like. If they left open world as a side thing and kept the enclosed tracks as the primary way to play the game I would have found it a lot more fun.

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<p>I remember how awesome the races in burnout 3 were and just couldn't get over how bad it is in paradise, even though the island and all the other events were cool. In racing games, I'm there to race and paradise's racing mode suck ass.</p>

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Paradise is the first Burnout I bought. I rented one of the earlier ones and played some at a mates house. So as you can imagine I hated it when I first played it. I couldn't figure out where to go or how to improve my times, it just felt like a confusing mess. Until I realised it secretly has the best navigation system ever. The fact that the driver/rider of the vehicles you play actually uses their indicators correctly when you have a set destination is hands down my favourite thing about that game. To me that's a million times better than any arrows or road lines on a mini map. Completely sold me on that game.

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Wow, very interesting. Burnout Paradise was one my favorite games ever on the 360. Maybe it hasn't aged well? People's expectations have changed?

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Paradise is still a great game but i see where you're coming from. I too enjoyed 3 and Revenge more....but just a tad bit more

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Looking back on it now, the actual racing in Burnout Paradise wasn't really on par with what we expect out of a good racing game. As someone who has memorized every aspect of the map, the races can get quite repetitive, especially if you're aiming at 100% completion. The fact that there are only 8 finish lines leads to a lot of repetition, as once you figure out the best route to the finish line you will essentially be using it dozens of times near the end, which isn't much fun. The AI isn't very aggressive in general, and once you exploit them it's easy to win a race even after crashing multiple times. The minimap does not do a good job of highlighting streets and passageways, and the signal that tells you to turn onto another street is ineffective at telling you exactly where you want to go, something more recent games have done a much better job with. The other modes in the single player are vastly more interesting and are a much better showcase of what you can do in the game. If you want a game with great racing mechanics, Burnout 3 is a better choice.

That said, I can't believe no one has mentioned multiplayer yet. Goofing around with your friends and strangers in an open world is pretty much the point of the game, and it's where I spent the vast majority of my time. Doing barrel rolls at 200+ miles an hour over 7 other drivers is an amazing experience that you just can't get in other games. Moments like getting everyone together in the baseball stadium and proceed to do nothing but drift around the outfield and crash into each other are what make this game awesome. Burnout succeeds much more as a social experiment where friends can just hang out and have fun doing whatever they want than as a pure game.

I can see why some would be upset when they see the "Burnout" name and expect great racing as the previous titles had (and especially if you never got into the multiplayer) but calling the whole game "awful" because one part of it isn't well developed isn't being fair to the rest of it, and making a poll with two choices leading to the same answer is entirely pointless. It does not engage the audience in reading what you have to say about the game, and it only affirms your view as the "correct" one.

btw, all you guys calling him a moron because he didn't like the game aren't any better than he is.

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Burnout Paradise was one of my favorite games of this generation of consoles. It's a shame you don't like it.

I never learned the layout of the city or the names of streets, but after about 30 minutes of playing, I had absolutely no issues getting around. As for the races, once I realized they all ended at one of 8 places (points of the compass) it all clicked for me. I personally much prefer that to having a handful of random tracks.

Honestly, if you're a fan of Burnout games like you claim, then you can easily get your $3.50 worth from the game, unless you're actively trying to hate it. I don't remember having any navigation issues at all, and that was at launch before their constant year of updates.

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@gruebacca: That is quite the first post and covers everything in details. If this was a question thread this post should be marked as the best answer.

Welcome to the site.

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Thank you, Pr1mus. I intend to make these forums a better place for discussion, and stuff. lol

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Disliking the game is fine. This thread should still be locked because of your poll.

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I did not like Burnout Paradise. I was taking too many wrong turns and the inability to just restart a race drove me nuts. It's not an awful game.

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I loved this game when it 1st came out, in fact I'm gonna play it tonight.

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This poll serves absolutely no purpose. It should be locked.

Agreed. Also, we still can't flag polls? Why not?

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I thought Burnout Revenge was the pinnacle of the game series, and appreciate there being a lack of a reboot ever since. Good times were had in the mid 2000s with that series, but I've moved on.

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btw, all you guys calling him a moron because he didn't like the game aren't any better than he is.

I think they're calling him a moron for making a poll whose answers are "Yes" and "Yes" and tearing down a largely revered game with some pretty loose justifications.

But that's beside the point.

Burnout Paradise sticks out in my mind as one of the few racing games of the generation that actually matters. Leveling a scorched-earth sort of deconstructive criticism of the game just because you didn't like the minimap hilariously, woefully, blatantly ignores a score of things Paradise does extremely well.

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I'm going to go ahead and say that the incredibly dumb poll discourages any counter-argument and attempts to flame-bait the community over a well-known and well-loved game.

We don't need more of that on the forums.