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Call of Duty has always weirded me out. It certainly looks like its worth buying every single year. I mean, It just has good value. I'm just not very good at it.

Well now they have this. Game Informer reports, from Dan Amrich's blog (Activision guy), that Black Ops 2 has started to do Micro-Transactions. It seems that these they're now going to be referring to these things as Personalization Packs. For 160 MS points, you can get camo packs, reticles, and some player-card-thing. Namely, the one they point out is 'The Bacon Pack.' You're shooting Trent Reznor in the face, in the year 2025, with fermented bacon plastered on your 'Vanessa'-gun. Like herr: ; It looks like charcoal, slathered with a bacon map-texture-thing.

Game Informer: Microtransactions Heading To Call Of Duty: Black Ops II On Xbox 360

Dan Amrich: One of Swords: Nuketown 2025 free starting Wednesday on 360

EA. ~ HmMmkay. But! I remember Gears 3 doing this long before EA did.

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So, I wanna know, who of y'all actually play CoD. Would y'all buy this bacon thing? Or SmokeDog420's special reserve skin-pack?

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I never really cared about weapon skins in the Call Of Duty games and a bacon skin is especially unappealing.

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Skin packs have always been stupid

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Never cared about weapon skins very much. Its when the items start to effect gameplay that it starts to get iffy for me or there's more real money items than normal in game items (Like Gears 3).

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And the sheep will pay.

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@ezakael said:

Never cared about weapon skins very much. Its when the items start to effect gameplay that it starts to get iffy for me or there's more real money items than normal in game items (Like Gears 3).

Epic really fucked up the ratio of unlockable skins : purchased skins in Gears 3. Left a bad taste in my mouth :I

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If it leads to less people with gold/bling weapons, that would be good. I like new skins, but at the same time, new skins always felt like a sign of dedication. And buying them sort of takes that away. But, overall I got no complaints about this idea.

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I used to play a lot of CoD until MW2 but I just felt burned out by MW3 and BLOPS2. Anyway, I can both see why they would do this but I also don't understand it all all.

Let me explain: customization is fun. I customized the hell out of all the CoDs I played. Kick-ass personal playercard, emblems built from the ground up, lots of thought given to what camo for what weapon, the works. It's because it allows you to express a personality in-game. This is me: I designed this playercard, this is my emblem and there's nothing else out there like it, this is the gun camo I worked for hours to unlock. I've been doing something similar with the character camos and dogtags on BF3.

But buying that is not the same at all. What the hell are you expressing? Look at me, I bought this for 160 MSP so I can look just the same as the thousands of other people who also bought it? Where's the fun in that?

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Bacon is really funny, right guys?

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Sweet, can't wait!

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except for the diamond or gold camo's i really never notice any of them. Those are only notable because when i see someone running around with that on their gun, i can assume they've used it a lot and are likely an experienced player that i can't just be careless around.

Although i think the practice of putting microtransactions into $60 games (especially if they have a $50 "season pass") is pretty disgusting, i kinda feel like something has to kill Call of Duty and i kinda hope this is it. Although i do enjoy the multiplayer most of the time.

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Pay $5 for the internet