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If this is a thing, could they just release that part? I'd really like to try this out. Eh, I'll probably end up getting ghosts eventually anyway...

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We XCOM now!

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So zombie mode but with fictional dinosaurs? This would be the first thing to interest me in a CoD game in a long time.

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what an adorable creature.

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Why would they withhold this for so long? Release is a week and a half away on current gen (unless the mode isnt on current gen?)

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Something different, kudos to them.

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Jesus Christ.

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Can I still play as the dog in Extinction mode? If so, this would be the first Call of Duty game I'll ever buy.

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Is that the singleplayer twist? Mutants/aliens?

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Aliens AND Call of Duty? That doesn't look like something I would be interested in at all.

At this point, please note the alien in my avatar, which was made using the emblem editor from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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That actually looks pretty interesting. Haven't gone deep one a COD game in years, maybe this will be the year if I get myself a PS4.

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Holy shit, this actually looks kind of cool.

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If this was the direction the campaign was going in, then I would be all for it!

But as a multiplayer mode? Eh, not interested. At least they're trying something different.

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Yeah, I can totally get into this. Seems more interesting than Zombies.

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I'd be open to giving this a shot as well. I really enjoyed MW1, 2, and the first Black Ops. I'm hoping this is something I can get into.

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Just when I thought I was out.....

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I want to fight aliens, but only if the aliens are controlled by small children. I think this game will be able to deliver that experience consistently.

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Very interesting !

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If they would make this part of the main game I would be all in on Call of Duty again. I'm up for playing as the military against an alien/mutant force. Not so much all in on playing as the military vs another military again.

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Space Marines assemble!

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I just hope there are enough dogs in this mode.

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@krullban: In the end, it's just another horde mode.

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Does anyone remember Arctic Combat? Shortly before it died they had a horde mode with aliens, I think it was called Infestation.

It's just funny that I think Call of Duty is ripping off a Call of Duty ripoff.