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Anyone excited for the reveal later today? In 2 and a half hours to be precise. Haven't seen any mention anywhere on this website.

I myself am more of a Battlefield person but would be interested in dynamic levels and just having a fast paced shooter next gen. My roommate preordered it so I am bound to play it either way but was curious about the community?

Yay or Nay?

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It will be good for people who like cod i heard squads may be a thing in ghosts ? But im more interested in the GTA reveal tomorrow. I truly wonder what COD can do to make the MP different

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Wait, there's going to be multiplayer in the latest COD game? This changes EVERYTHING.

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Who the fuck cares about the multiplayer reveal for a Call of Duty game? Of course it has multiplayer. And it probably plays a lot like the multiplayer in every Call of Duty since COD4. Not to mention that regardless of what changes they make, one constant will remain the same; torrents of idiot racist twelve-year-olds screeching into mics like little devil children.

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As someone really into the CoD multiplayer, I can't say I feel like watching it. I am sure it'll be pretty good, they make pretty good multiplayer. I am curious about the map dynamics they were talking about. But to be honest, I more hope they make maps (and weapon functionality) that gives a bigger range of combat scenarios. And maybe not just create circular mirrored maps.

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I always seem to be a little excited for it, even though I'm looking forward to Battlefield 4 way more than Call of Duty Ghosts.

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@hailinel said:

Not to mention that regardless of what changes they make, one constant will remain the same; torrents of idiot racist twelve-year-olds screeching into mics like little devil children.

What are you talkin about dude, the CoD community is full of mature, respectful adults.

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I'm sick of COD multiplayer. It's the same thing over and over with a couple new modes that only make marginal changes. I'd love to see a multiplayer game that came out with fresh gameplay. Maybe a game that doesn't involve shooting humans in the face over and over...

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I'm moderately excited about it. It's my hope that they use the next-gen to do some different/interesting things with their multiplayer. I know they sell like hot cakes every time, but if they're smart they'll realize that they need to up the ante with some genuinely fresh ideas to remain relevant over the long haul. I'm more excited for BF4, but I'll likely get Ghosts, too.

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I'm still good with it, yea. I buy games so I can keep it for the multiplayer.

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I was so disappointed, it was all dogs and Eminem. Eminem even had his little speech for COD fans lmao.

It looks exactly like Black Ops 2 but with cover leaning, dogs, women and that's it? Presentation still going on but hell Battlefield 4 looks way better so far.

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cranked mode sounds legitimately brilliant

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Are there going to be squads? I don't think they said anything about squads.......

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Female soldiers

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At this point i couldn't care less about Call of Duty and none of the new features they've shown really change the formula that much and all these esports bros are ehhh

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Cranked looks fun. It's still very much Call of Duty though. Never was quite my jam. Guess it'll first have to take a relative commercial bath, before they'll change it up more radically.

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It's the first COD available on next gen, I'm sure I'll end up getting it. COD is getting stale, but it's still fun to play.

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CoD is always going to be CoD, and yeah it will be that way because it works. Even the people who don't care about it as an Official MLG eSports are playing it like a sport. The how it plays second-to-second is probably never going to change, but I do like how the keep tweaking or trying new things on the back-end.

I was watching the reveal with the sound off at work, so I'm unclear on what they really announced. Does the create a character finally allow for women..or was the just an NPC?

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i think the only few things i found interesting were the dual rendered scopes (all fps games should have these imo) and the whole "create a squad that your friends can fight" thing. Seemed like a neat thing to add, but the game in no way looks good. in fact i was mildly surprised how much it looked like mw3. I didnt buy that game, and i sure as hell aint buyin this one

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Don't give a fuck.

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I don't care because I've never played CoD multiplayer in any serious capacity, but I think it's reductive to say "it's just more of the same, who cares?". Outsiders probably looked at SC2: Heart of the Swarm or Super Street Fighter IV the same way, but for those who were invested in those games, I'm sure the changes were a huge deal.

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you get a camera if you get the prestige edition....CoD: Ghosts is weird.....

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Okey dokey then.

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Shots fired!

But Polygon actually as 14 stories around the CoD Multiplayer event. Truly changing the games media industry.

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Yo I bet it looks like more CoD multiplayer.

And lol polygon.

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Wait, there's going to be multiplayer in the latest COD game? This changes EVERYTHING.

But war never changes, bro.

If you reply with a youtube link to a japanese soundtrack that is in no way a relevant response to what I said, I'll kill you.

Waiting for that link.

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It was boring as fuck. I don't even see how the hardest COD fans can get excited. Just typical COD action you come to expect, except now you have female soldiers yay? plz...

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Looks like they've reduced the kill times even further. I'll pass.

Call Of Duty 4 was and probably will always be the best Call Of Duty game. It had it's flaws but still..

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MW and MW2 were the hay day of COD for me, I was Great with a 2.75K/D after 48Days Played (Still Remember)

But now it looks boring as hell


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Was this even the PS4 / Xbox One version in the preview videos? If so, this game does NOT look like a next-gen title. Next to Battlefield, Killzone, Titanfall, or Destiny, this looks like a joke.

I don't say that as someone who hates the series either. I've at least hit the level cap in every COD since 4, but if this is the best they can do for next-gen, I think I'll be skipping this one.

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Don't care about MP, but you get to play as the dog in single player! Yes, will buy!

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Looks fast and pretty like past COD games which is a good thing IMO.