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Ive been paying absolutely zero attention to this game. I know there is dogs and women in multiplayer but outside that I know nothing. Can anyone who's been paying attention give me a quick 411 on what's the deal with this years multiplayer? I skipped BLOPS2 entirely because I got burnt out by MW3. Curious if anything this year is worth paying attention to. Note I only buy CoD for the Multiplayer so any Single player stuff I dont care about.

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Well this helps a bit.

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Well this helps a bit.

Yep. That's a Call of Duty game alright.

Not to sound like a dick but they really do all look almost identical now. It's a shame because Call of Duty 4 is easily among my favorite games of the generation.

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Well, considering they seem to be fastening the kill times every time new CoD comes out, in CoD:Ghosts enemies will die before you pull the trigger.

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I heard there was a mode in Ghosts where if you dont kill after a certain amount of time you explode or something like that? Did I completely imagine that?

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@demoskinos: You're really missing out, the single player campaigns have been pretty stellar in all the CoD games - although I stopped at Black Ops 1, but that was also a great game.

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squads that you can squad up in with your squads

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the singleplayer modes in all the CoD games are a fun ride. if you stopped caring about the multiplayer, congrats, i'm still trying to have a year where i just don't care enough to even play but i keep going back. From what i understand, they claim they've added a context based lean/peek from cover system and momentum to player movement, other than that, i expect the game to play very similar to previous CoD games.

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Its call of duty...

-run with a gun

-get kill streaks

-fast pace gameplay

- has a fan-base that goes beyond the universe

-makes money on top of bills while ignoring cents


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OMG! They added lean when you are taking cover! GOTY!