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Three weeks until the NA release and there's absolutely no buzz on the forums? Insanity.

Even for players who weren't captivated by the first game, all of the footage released for the second surely has to spark some interest. It looks about as tight as any action-adventure I've seen. Something tells me this is going to be a sleeper, one that's going to go past a lot of radars, and that's a damn shame.

Anyone else as excited as me? Who else is going to be picking it up?

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I'd say I'm waiting for reviews but I loved the first even though it got middling review scores. So yes? Probably.

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Probably. What I saw of it from e3 videos looked really cool and held my interest. I haven't payed much attention to it since then. I'm pretty skeptical of any castlevania that isn't 2D though, so I'm going to wait for reviews and post-release game footage before I buy in.

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I am! I really liked that first one, even before I got to that insane ending. So here's hoping this new one is good!

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I am.

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I've gotten stalled a bit in LoS1 around the vampire castle. I was having fun, but when you lose in that game, it's often for frustrating reasons. Still, I dig its atmosphere and hope to finish and continue onto the next one.

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Loved absolutely everything about LoS. One of my all time favorites games. Just everything was excellent and then the ending rolled around and completely solidified the game as one of the all time greats for me. I don't care if this game gets an average of 2/10, I am going to buy it and play it all. When I have my 360 again I will play through MoF HD and then get this. Couldn't be more excited!

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I'm likely picking it up on PC. Looking forward to more adventures with Zobeck who is confirmed to be in it.

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I'm very, very excited for this game. Getting it on PC, I have it preordered.

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Once it comes out on ps4 I will.

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I didn't play the first one but I did watch Vinny play the ending so I might pick it up. I haven't seen anything about the new game though, is it present day?

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I definitely will - the first game was a lot of fun when you pushed through the lackluster beginnings.

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@beefygrandmole said:

I didn't play the first one but I did watch Vinny play the ending so I might pick it up. I haven't seen anything about the new game though, is it present day?

Both. The way I heard it the majority of the game is present-day but there are flashback levels as well.

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I hope Vinny plays it

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I plan on checking it out. I enjoyed the first one for the most part.

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I'm super hyped. Very excited to see how it all wraps up.

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Hell yea, the first game was pretty good but this looks great.

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Edit: huh, is the PC version not available for preorder on Steam yet?

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@xyzygy: You and I will get along just fine. LoS is easily one of my favourite games from last gen.

@falserelic: So, never? Think they stated they have no interest in porting it over.

@tennmuerti: Yeah, it's weird. No pre-order up yet, but the devs are saying there's a surprise in store for PC buyers.

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hmmmmmm, I wanted to like the first game and the 3ds game, god I'm really disappointed with the 3DS game the most. I might skip this one.

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While I won't be getting it, I am excited to see how it turns out. Despite having no investment in the original, I can't help but kinda root for LoS2... Seems really interesting, and if I had a PC that can run it, I'd probably be willing to give it the preorder. Hope it'll get itself a PS4/X1 version later down the line.

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waiting for the next-gen definitive edition.

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I'm curious, but hesitant. I'm not much of a fan of the God of War school of action games and the first came off as a string of great ideas that weren't executed very well. What I've seen so far makes it look like it will be about on par with the first.

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Haven't played the first one so it would be weird jumping straight into this one. I may pick up the first one in a steam sale for like 5 bucks when goes on sale.

EDIT: I picked it up when it went on sale. I'm looking forward to playing it but I also I have a lot of games to play at the moment, so I might take a while to get round to it.

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I wasn't a big fan of the first game, but unless it completely tanks in reviews I'm still onboard. There were things I liked about the original and it looks very pretty so I'll probably pick it up at a sale.

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Definitely picking this up day one. Thoroughly enjoyed the first LoS. It was an excellent action adventure game. I'm pumped for this one!

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I will pick it up on PC. Probably not day 1 though as there are a fair few games I want to complete before buying it.

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The successor to one of my favorite games of last generation? Absolutely yes, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Lords of Shadow became something special after a slow build. Can't wait for this one.

The art and music were superb, the story was interesting, the atmosphere was well-realized, and I really liked how tactical the gameplay became. On hard, anyway. Mirror of Fate HD had some of the LoS elements that made it unique, which got me super excited for this one.

And I thought the demo was amazing. I keep saying it has the potential to be the God of War II of this generation. Just doing amazing stuff on last-gen hardware while the new generation is just getting started.

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Oh shit, only three weeks? Didn't realize it was that soon - although I've been deliberately avoiding all the press stuff to go in fresh, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I've gotten stalled a bit in LoS1 around the vampire castle. I was having fun, but when you lose in that game, it's often for frustrating reasons. Still, I dig its atmosphere and hope to finish and continue onto the next one.

It can get pretty frustrating, yeah, but the Vampire Castle is also, like, the best part of the whole game (which is probably not too surprising, since this is Castlevania, but still). Especially because parts of the last third can be a bit of a slog to get through. If nothing else, I really hope the sequel figures out its pacing better.

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I enjoyed the first game enough to pick this up. I'm kind of wondering about the level/world structure. Seemed like it was similar to Arkham City in some ways? I liked the difficulty and completion challenges for each stage in the first game, so I'm hoping that will be integrated somehow.

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Not day one but will pick it up later no matter what anyone says.

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@markwahlberg: Yeah, I wasn't complaining about the part I'm in specifically. Just tend to feel like half of the damage I take is thanks to camera issues.

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Yeah, I definitely am. A little worried about the story though since I never played that 3DS one.

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Definitely, just not at launch. There are too many other games coming out in the next couple of months that I want more than this.

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@steadyingmeat: Watch the Mirror of Fate story on Youtube, at least. I really enjoyed the game, but since a lot of people didn't that could be a better bet. Felt like a good transitional story, and seeing Gabriel completely embrace his new situation was well done.

I'll maintain that the HD rerelease is worth playing.

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When the PC version comes out, I will.

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LOS1 was definitely one of those games that made me feel like I was playing something special. Definitely getting it on day1!

It's not listed on Steam though, is it going to be released there or at a later date?

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*raises both hands*

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I think it looks cool... I didn't enjoy the first game very much though. It took things I like about Castlevania and made them less good.

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Awww man, Game Informer gave it a 6.0 eventhough the guy loved the first game. That's concerning. I'm gonna pick it up anyway but still...

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I liked that game until I got to the bird.

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Please don't let the ONE review steer you off course.

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PC version.

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@altairre said:

Awww man, Game Informer gave it a 6.0 eventhough the guy loved the first game. That's concerning. I'm gonna pick it up anyway but still...

Something about a really terrible stealth section also. So bad one of the devs had to give assistance or something.

Either way I want these games to be done so we can go back to SOTN style games.

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Meh. I bought the first one on release day, but got bummed out by it pretty soon after the first boss (or whichever the one on that frozen lake was) and called it quits. Don't really feel like playing the sequel without finishing the first one and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe when there's a combo-pack on Steam sale.

On the other hand, I bought SOTN for Vita and have had fun with that one!

P.S. I would be more tempted to pick this up if it would come out on new consoles as well, if only because of there's no gaymz.

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I won't be picking it up, not a huge fan of Mercury Steam and their version of Castlevania. That being said, it looks more interesting than the first one.

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I would if they would just hurry up and put it on Steam already.

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Just finished the demo that came out on Steam. Absolutely awesome and will be getting Day One.

I played through it the first time on the default difficulty and it took that playthrough to readjust to the pace of the combat.

The second time through I knocked up the difficulty to Lords of Shadow (the highest you can play in the demo, Prince of Darkness is locked for full release). By then I was reacquainted with how the combat works and found out you can do most, if not all, of Gabriel's old moves from the first game. Though the game won't tell you that and you can't look up a moves list.

It ran great on my PC and looked gorgeous. Cannot wait for this to come out.

I pre-ordered it on GMG and got it for $43 using a voucher they give out in their newsletters.

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When it's 20$ yeah