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Poll: How do you like your chicken wings? (347 votes)

#TeamBoneIn 50%
#TeamBoneless 49%

The debate that is currently taking the world by storm. Do you like your chicken wings with the bone-in or bone less? Make your choice.


#101 Edited by big_jon (5734 posts) -

Bone in, anything less is for lazy maffs.

#102 Posted by ThePickle (4184 posts) -

Okay, the poll is currently sitting at 50 to 49. I suspect the boneless side is suppressing voters. RECOUNT! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! RECOUNT!

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I've never had a boneless chicken wing. It sounds unnatural.

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#105 Posted by grillzz88 (32 posts) -

I am of the flavor to prefer Bone-in to Boneless when it comes to taste. To me, the seasoning melds much better with the chicken than it does with the batter on boneless. Though I don't discriminate. I loves me some boneless. Especially at events when I need to stay respectable. I mean look at Greggy eat them wings on the E3 show. that is %100 what happens when eating bone-in. let's all just enjoy the chicken we ordered and play windjammers. bring your own controller.

#106 Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam (3340 posts) -



Ryckert knows his chicken.

#107 Posted by Veektarius (4872 posts) -

@fox01313: Actually, I think that Wild Wings does a shitty job with bone-in. They're very scrawny wings and I've had them freezer burned more than once. Boneless is the better option there.

But assuming you're eating at a *decent* bar, team bone for me. I like to see the remains of those I have conquered discarded before me.

#108 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (5595 posts) -

I remember this extremely divisive debate as if it was yesterday. I don't believe I ever stated my personal stance on the matter, so here it is.

I don't want to eat around a bunch of bullshit just to get some chicken.

Team boneless 4 life!

#109 Posted by TruthTellah (9158 posts) -

Is it on my plate? Then I want to be able to eat it.


#110 Edited by insane_shadowblade85 (1461 posts) -

Are we talking about wings? If we're talking about wings then #teambonein. A boneless wing is not a wing, it's a nugget or tender or whatever; it's still delicious, but it's not a wing. Jeff needs to man up and stop being a pussy. #getatmeJeff

#111 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5595 posts) -

Is it on my plate? Then I want to be able to eat it.



#112 Posted by nickystixx (184 posts) -

chicken bone! now its on! - now its on! - now its on!

Bone or go HOME.

#113 Posted by AMyggen (3146 posts) -

Boneless isn't a wing, but a nugget. That's good too, but since it isn't a wing Teambone wins by default.

#114 Posted by SMTDante89 (2582 posts) -

Gotta go boneless.

Some things never change.

And I'm so happy this debate still rages on to this day.

#115 Posted by bybeach (4848 posts) -

Bone in only. Unlike team McDonalds

Going to bread up and oven bake some real chicken wings this evening.

#116 Edited by wjb (1666 posts) -

I got boneless wings from a local joint that makes great bar/restaurant food to take home the other day. First time in a while. I wanted convenience, and I regretted it. I wish I got wings instead.

I've had really great wings. I've never had really great boneless wings.

(I totally was going to respond to someone from a year ago until I realized it wasn't a new wings/wyngz thread. "I CONCUR GUY FROM 17 MONTHS AGO, LOLOLOLOLOLOL.")

#117 Edited by DeadpanCakes (927 posts) -

Bone. Less.

#118 Posted by Sbaitso (540 posts) -

Everybody knows that restaurant wings (which are typically boneless) are total fucking bullshit. So are the type you might buy in the freezer section. Fuck! That! The only way to have wings is to make your own. Buy fucking chicken wings, cut that shit at the joint, make some dope ass sauce, fry those fuckers, douse em', eat em', and wash it all down with a few beers. Any other wings are for fucking commies.

#119 Posted by Nightriff (5096 posts) -

#TeamBonein is still the only CORRECT way to enjoy wings, I stand by that and 51% do as well, that should be enough to pass a law to ban boneout wings, those disgusting abominations.

#120 Posted by TurboMan (7560 posts) -

Fuck bones.

#121 Posted by Milkman (16851 posts) -

I barely remember making this thread but...


#122 Posted by Whitestripes09 (412 posts) -

Generally from most places I get with the bone in, but if it's from Wingstop I get the boneless because there's hardly any meat on the wings with the bone in.

#123 Posted by animathias (1186 posts) -

Boneless, all the way. You can eat them lightly seasoned with your fingers or doused in sauce with a fork - with NO mess. Hell, you can even completely submerge them in a dipping sauce. Jeff's got it right on this one.

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At least this necro is timeless.

Ya, boneless.

#125 Posted by sub_o (902 posts) -

I like them breaded and fried.

#126 Posted by Zelyre (1209 posts) -

So, if I take a chicken mcnugget and dump sauce on it, does it magically become a "boneless chicken wing"?

No. It's a chicken mcnugget with sauce on it. Just like your boneless "wings".

You know who eats boneless chicken wings? People who use ketchup and people who eat their steaks well done with A1 on top.

#127 Posted by pyromagnestir (4324 posts) -

There is no wrong answer here.

I was wrong.

Wings are things with the bones in them. And they're awesome. No bones? Then it ain't wings. But since it's chicken it is also awesome. Which is what I meant at the time. Both are awesome but only one of them are actually wings.

#128 Posted by Aronleon (780 posts) -

Boneless, that is not even a question son. Why would I want to waste money on some damn bones.

#129 Posted by Slag (4455 posts) -

Bones don't taste good, too crunchy


#130 Edited by Zomgfruitbunnies (819 posts) -

Boneless wings aren't even wings most of the time. It's breaded chicken breast, for fuck's sake! Y'all being lied to and don't even know it!

As you can tell, I'm a fucking boner.

#131 Posted by overnow (180 posts) -

My preference is boneless but it really doesn't matter that much.

#132 Posted by Fattony12000 (7460 posts) -
#133 Edited by Marcsman (3209 posts) -

Either way really But buffalo wings should have the bone in them ( that's what she said)

#134 Posted by GiantLizardKing (449 posts) -

Boneless is definitely not as good, but sometimes I want some chicken but don't want to get messy. That is the appropriate time for boneless. Other than that, they are for children.

#135 Posted by Killerfridge (309 posts) -

Bone in, they taste so much better!

#136 Posted by Hadoken101 (796 posts) -

I didn't even realize this is a super old thread but fuck you guys Boneless is supreme. Give me easy to eat nuggets any day over bony shits for cavemen.

#137 Posted by VierasTalo (806 posts) -

There are no boneless wings anywhere in Finland.

I've checked.

#138 Edited by Ares42 (2691 posts) -

The fact that people are ok with the term "boneless wings" just makes me sad. Sure, you might think they're better, but come on... It's just fried chicken, fried chicken strips. And no, they're not chicken nuggets.

But then again, this comes from the same country that calls burgers sandwiches and pizzas pies.

#139 Posted by notnert427 (237 posts) -

I need a third poll choice. The drumsticks top all, but I prefer boneless over the two bone wings. The two bones are too much work to eat around.

#140 Posted by Evermoore (26 posts) -

Where is the "neither because I don't watch sports" option?

#141 Edited by eddiephlash (32 posts) -

Typically boneless. However, if we're out with my Dad, then you gotta do bone in. Then we get to tease all the people who get boneless.