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Posted by dropabombonit

Thanks for posting this bombcast, missed the live stream. That Sherlock Holmes story was amazing

Posted by Tesla

That Johnny V. freestyle was hot.

Posted by sickVisionz

Hopefully I'm not confusing this with another one, but the best part was when a woman walked and you could hear her say something like, "hi guys, sorry I'm not a stripper" in the background. 
You guys should have McElroy on more.

Posted by billmcneal


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@Troncek: Cause he's an integral member of the Bombcast?

Posted by SPCTRE

Laughed myself to tears at that Johnny V freestyle bit. EPIC.

Posted by Vexxan


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oh my god, that sherlock holmes bit is already hilarious. and i'm just 20 minutes in!

Posted by ThePickle

Fuck Day 1. THIS is the best goddamn Bombcast of all time.

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JV in da house, droppin' phat rhymes!
Very nice to know he's doing good now.

Posted by Koshka

@TheHBK: Agreed

Posted by MeatSim

With E3 over it will be sort of nice to go back to those really short 2 hour bombcast.

Posted by _Horde

Aftonbladet is an absolute abomination, a stain on swedish "journalism". Euergh.

Posted by zzax

After not really caring much for the Mega64 and Jaffe podcast, this one was truly amazing. The first hour was one of the funniest things ever. We really need to start a Suge Knight is the devil meme.  
Thanks to everyone at GB for all their hard work and hours of entertainment during e3

Posted by shodan2020

I loved it when Patrick said: "Then it turned around... REAL fast."

Posted by KaneRobot

The first hour of this is probably the funniest stuff I've ever heard on a GB podcast. The part about the Sherlock Holmes game was Moment of the Year (tm).

Posted by IClavdivs

Great podcast! Thanks guys!

Posted by Rewcastle

Oh man. The new colour scheme on the comments section is looking hot. Nice job

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Now this, is one of the best Bombcasts ever. Congratulations Bombsquad.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Oh man, what a Bombcast! Makes me itch more than ever to go down for an E3.

Posted by jasondesante

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes by Frogwares published by Focus Home Interactive
I can't believe this game exists! :D

Posted by halim51

I one word FMV game they were thinking of, the one with Christoper Walken is called Ripper.

Posted by mooncake

Oh my god, best podcast ever. Its not just a fucking long ass bombcast (which I think would get boring), but it is 4 short (by bombcast standards) amazing podcasts with amazing sets of guests in one!

Posted by Azteck

I fucking love Johnny V.
Posted by RenegadeSaint

Jenova Chen is kind of awesome. I want to hang out with that dude.

Posted by Autumn_Thunder

@umdesch4: I know it's been nearly a year but I don't see anyone answering your question: For those wondering the game Jenova Chen was referring to from the 2011 IGF was Maquette: http://www.indiegames.com/2011/03/gdc_2011_highlights_from_the_e.html

Posted by umdesch4

@Autumn_Thunder: Awesome, thanks for that. Man, that sounds like a really cool game too!