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Posted by Cashprizes

*faceslap* wow the giant bombcrew needs to go shove their heads up their own butts, cause that is how ignorant they are to Warhammer as a franchise. While speaking about Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, they compare it to Starcraft like it is copying it ("Tyranids are basically zerg, instead of Protoss they call them Eldar") when it is 100% the fucking opposite.

Blizzard full tilt copied the Warhammer 40k mythology for Starcraft, and hell even Warcraft. I mean god love'em because Gamesworkshop wasn't getting the job done in the mid 90s, but to talk about Warhammer 40k like its some Jonnie come lately is an Abomination! Bard seemed to have a slight understanding of where the franchises are coming from but he didn't correct anyone, understandable since he had only been on the show for a month or so.

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Posted by Anwar

Left 4 Dead... Never got into that franchise

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Posted by Max_Hydrogen

I believe Brad is referring to the Kuril Islands: 

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Posted by Xanth93

Listening old Bombcast. Vinny is funny. "The characters are like... you know." Oh Vinny.
Still funny, guys. :)

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Posted by SlimDude

To follow up with undeadbabies MP3 link -- just change the date on the end to access the other podcasts as well.  I imagine they'll get the button links worked out soon.

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Posted by MissileWarriorz

another good episode

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Posted by Ashneldez

Nice work gents!

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Posted by MidnightVice

Those E3 podcasts were awesome. Thanks once again.

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Posted by Luberik

can you guys also put a countdown timer to the next podcast somewhere? It tells us if there is gonna be a podcast and when excactly it will be. Tx in advance & greeaaaat podcasts on E3 btw, and damn I gotta have me some street fighter 4!

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Posted by qrter

Yeah, thanks undeadbabies. :)

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Posted by IPenguinI

Thanks a ton undeadbabies!

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Posted by undeadbabies

here's a download link for folks like me who don't want to install opera.


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Posted by SlimDogg

Like the new page for my fav bombcast !

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Posted by Jordan23

Great "Bombcast" guys!

One question... the download tab isn't working nor the other tabs.

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Posted by CrazyCraven

Best computer games podcast on this internet! 

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Posted by Linkyshinks

Ahh he's just resting his throat from all the talking he's been doing. A finely tuned larynx like that must certainlly need it.

Sweet ass show, you guys have had a killer t'weeks lol. Given that fact and the all the evidence I see before me on the site you guys deserve masses of praise for your efforts....Thanks guys, all of you, the place has clearly been built on the very strong foundation it needs, the love of videogames.

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Posted by thedapperswindler

Look at Brad... What a trooper!
 Great show as always.

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Posted by Mr_Pink

messege for  the ones that cannot see the link i had that problem using firefox and explorer i had to use the opera but it work

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Posted by BlackCoffee

Sup guys, loving the site so far, but im not seeing a way to play the podcast from the site =s is that just me or is it a bug, also where did the drinks segment go i loved it, bring it back if theres more energy drinks that you guys havent had yet (Y)

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Posted by undeadbabies

i like the site. looking forward to the download button being fixed.
also, it would be swell if you guys could put the size of the file and the length of the podcast. my internet connection is disrupted sometimes and the download will stop. i would be able to check and make sure i got the whole thing that way rather than having to dig into the actual file to listen for the ending theme.
i can't be the only person that has the problem, can i?
other than that, keep up the good work.

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Posted by Raven_Sword

It wont let me lsiten to it. theres no paly option and the download tabe isnt working!

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Posted by BananaHammock

Great podcast as always but what happened to the drinks segment?

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Posted by Wario54

just one word : excellent

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Posted by Raven_Sword

Cant get it to play? what the heck

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Posted by Mr_Pink

great episode guys

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Posted by drtones

I think you're still missing a few older Arrow Pointing Down episodes aren't you?
The one where Jeff video conferenced via PSP with Ryan?

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Posted by prencher

Good podcast, listened to it on the old site.

However, the RSS / Download / Subscribe buttons don't actually work.

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Posted by Lies

LONG Episode is long.

But it was still fun, although E3 was a bit less of a show this year :(

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Posted by Paul

It's very cool you kept the Arrow Pointing Down episodes on there.

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Posted by Jatsu

LOL at the pic of Brad!! (obviously conked out on the trip back to SF)

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Posted by transwave

Looking good! One problem - seems like every link takes you to the last podcast, i can't hear any of the older ones.

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Posted by jonnyboy

Nice looking site guys! Shame a few bugs in the system means I can't hear the latest Bombcast. Oh well I'll grab it later when it gets sorted.

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Posted by pixelvalve

I know its early but will there be a video cast sorter like on the spot or bonus round or gt tv, obviously not the same but would be awesome if you made one with all your own features.

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Posted by se7en

If you're using Internet Explorer try Firefox or Opera - for me it worked with Opera; there are still bugs on the site, but they will be fixed in time. And yeah, great episode guys.

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Posted by HibiscusExplosion

How do you play the podcast? I can't get it to work

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Posted by drewm135

Great episode guys