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Posted by shaddowkhan

Time stamps anyone?

Posted by IAmNotBatman

@SmasheControllers: Bad, definitely bad.

Posted by Jackel2072
@SmasheControllers: The best parts of the bombcast is when they get sidetracked and talk about the 2 live crew for half an hourĀ 
Posted by pyromagnestir

I've been listening to this weeks podcast really slowly and only just now thought "Hey, where's Jeff?"

Posted by SmasheControllers

@Jackel2072: I recent memory my favorite bombcast moment is probably the penny into bad tv discussion.

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@SmasheControllers: yeah i actually started watching Storage Wars thanks to this damn web site
Posted by namesonkel

I know and follow the lore of Diablo. It's decent and the characters are interesting. What really gets me though is the amazing settings of at least the first two games. Love the third game as well though.

Posted by Dannik

@damnable_fiend said:

also, holy fuck, I would watch the shit out of giantbomb tabletop gaming videos!

Holy shit yes!!! They REALLY should do a test run of like 5-6 games. I would LOVE to see them play some D&D!

Posted by firecracker22

I just finished Max Payne 3. I wrapped it up over an extended weekend, and played it on Hard. Gotta say, I played Max 3 pretty much the same as I played Max 2. Aside from there being a cover based mechanic, which obviously wasn't in the second, the gameplay was pretty much the same from what I remember. I can say for sure that I spent most of Max Payne 3 diving through the air shooting dudes with dual pistols. Being able to have shootdodge automatically kick in no matter how empty the meter was, for me, a smart move. There are sections where you do need to stay in cover, but something I found myself doing was dropping guys like that, then leaping forward over the cover and jumping into shootdodge and dropping the final three or two guys left.

There are times where I got punished for mostly jumping like a madman into the air and shooting dudes, but the reloads are so quick that I could keep trying until I nailed those key headshots.

Alot of Max Payne seems to be intact with 3, in my opinion. The only HUGE change I can think of is the lack of self-awareness, and self-referential stuff that is really a Remedy thing (Alan Wake is filled with that stuff). The sort of meta, fourth wall breaking is straight up gone. But, that stuff was never my favorite aspect of Max Payne 2 so it was easy for me to let go of it.

I thought it was also interesting how they didn't really touch on Mona's fate, either. He hinted at how the relationship was a stupid mistake, but that was about it. I always wondered if Mona lived, because of the alternate ending they had in Max Payne 2 where on the hardest difficulty she lived.

Posted by n0nametaz

You guys need to go back and play Max Payne 1 because I think Max has always been fragile (I should say that I still haven't played 3 or finished 2). Also, the best way to dodge depends on what kind of gun an enemy is shooting at you with. If its a fully-automatic gun its better to dodge left or right and If its a semi-automatic gun you should dodge foreword or backwards. The reason for that is because if you dodge foreword your a smaller target to hit and if they have a semi-automatic they have even less of a chance at hitting you, as apposed to them having a fully-automatic, then they can shoot straight at you and odds are a few bullets are going to hit you. Now what you want to do if they have a fully-auto gun is, as I said, dodge left and right. If you notice in bullet time when an enemy is shooting at you with a fully-auto, the bullets are way less accurate, but especially when their trying to turn left or right while shooting. They WILL NOT get a shoot on you anywhere near above your waist unless they shoot where your going to be as apposed to where you where. Seriously though, Max has always been extremely fragile even on the normal difficulties you would get shot 3 time with a pistol and the red would be up to your head on the health indicator.

Posted by n0nametaz

@Fearbeard: No dude, you can activate bullet time without dodging in the first Max Payne too.

Posted by popmasterruler

I'd love to see Vinny as a DM