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Posted by Nasar7

Leigh Alexander is exactly the feminine presence the bombcast needs. She should appear more often!

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I propose an amendment to the Giant Bombcast charter: No more Gamasutra blowhards. Thank you.

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Leigh sure talks a lot, but almost all of her observations are so on the mark it's crazy.

And all the stuff she said about RE lacking sexuality? Completely agree.

Posted by Kibblez

Giant Bomb making CASH up in dese quarters

Posted by viklanderviking


Posted by Hairydutchman

That woman is annoying.

Posted by MjHealy

Yay! Took a while but stil, yay!

Posted by ZeroCast


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So, when will we see a boning concept page?

Posted by Zripwud

Wiii... I've been wishing for Leigh Alexander joining you guys on the podcast. Great idea!

Posted by Trilogy

I was hoping you would post this soon, I need something to listen during my evening jog. Bombcast woooooo!

Posted by SilverArrows

WOW ... chaos .... way too many people there, but still funny. I am going to watch the video of this.

Posted by Utlas

A woman! Herecy!

Posted by Reuben

Hell yeeees!

Posted by Cammy

drinking before or after the podcast?

my guess, before!

Posted by Matthew

Yea, it is Leigh Alexander.  I pretty much told her to get on it ;)

I just got to school, so I'll just have to plug my headset into the audio jack until I get home to put it on mah playa.

Posted by Cleric
@AdventChild said:
" I hope the guest from Gamasutra is Leigh Alexander. "

Yeah, that would be my guess too. DLing now!
Posted by AdventChild

I hope the guest from Gamasutra is Leigh Alexander.

Posted by DoomsDayClock

You dudes have to be a little more diligent in getting this thing on Itunes as soon as it hits.

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Its up! Keep on bombing.

Holy shit this bombcast was heated.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Hell yeah, thus why i think this wont be really crazy at all.
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Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a bombcast!

Posted by TheClap

Looks ca-razy

Posted by Hitchenson


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i read on several twitters that this was INDEED crazy...lets see if it lives up to the hype gentlemen :D

oj lol, its the age of booty capcom guys, they looked fun back in the day. and the crazy swede from Grin!

Posted by DazzHardy

Glad I came to check if there was one up before I left for work ^_^

Posted by supercubedude

oh geez...

Posted by SanderT

Yeah great! Been waiting for this one.... hope they get a chance with the Natal demo to hear their opinions about it! But judging from the Twitter remarks, it's gonna be an even better podcast than day one ;)

Posted by jarryd

craziest bomcast ever is a big claim, ive listened to you die eating swedish devil candy for 45 minutes

Posted by SpheriQ

Finally! Been waiting all day for this.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Craziest Bombcast eh?...hmm...we shall see if thats a good thing wont we!?

Posted by svxtc

What?!!?!? This just go up or something?