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Posted by Seraphim

Haha, this podcast was a weird experience; by after about an hour, I hated Leigh, but then I realized that she's doing a different style of podcasting:  I usually listen to the bombcast while I do other stuff, or doze off, so it's good for some funny entertainment while I go concentrate on something else.  Leigh makes a lot of sense, but you have to really pay a lot of attention or else it just sounds grating.  That said, she could get a little obnoxious at times, but not nearly as bad once I switched my mindset.

Posted by dipper145

I liked this podcast, some of it was funny and it was crazy, but this girl was pretty opinionated.

Her negativity towards people probably stems from her younger experiances in elementary/highschool where she mentioned she was a video game and anime nerd. She obviously still carries a lot of resentment with her.

Posted by Knigge

Can I punch Craig in the face? That guy is fucking annoying.

I actually liked Leigh. Weird.

Posted by Cheapoz
@Pseudo_Sidious: Wind onto after she leaves, it got REALLY good after then, just sad it was too late and Ryan was jack of it by then.
Posted by Fade2Gray

This was the only bombcast I have ever intentionally stopped listening to and said "well, that's enough of that!" Uhg!

Posted by Supertom11

damn that girl loves to talk

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome bombcast, but damn that lady talked NON STOP.

Posted by Ferginator4k


Edited by PostmarkJ

I'm only 52 minutes in, but I hope that Jeff kicks her out soon...

(I just read her apology on her blog, and it's cool that she owned up to dominating.  Still, hearing Jeff(?)'s deep sighs during one of the interruptions was hilarious...)
Posted by Luthorcrow

Leigh was interesting and would be fine if someone just passed her blunt rather than the caffeine before the show. 

As for the sexy Naxi uniforms comment, come one, everyone knows that is true.  As someone mentioned earlier their uniforms were designed by professional designers.  Why is that even a debate point.  Looking good doesn't make something good.

Posted by dsplayer1010

Leigh was fine

Posted by mikenam

the capcom guys voice is soooo annoying, and everything he says is annoying, hope he stepped in front of a bus

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she is still an egotistical bighead who thinks that all she says and thinks is the only way, and everyone's else is wrong and retarded.  she was talking about MGS4 like she was the only one in the entire world who got all the metaphores.  yea okay there.  And about the talking forever, and how we should be okay with it, there were like 5 other people who barely got to say anything when she was spewing out all of that.
Posted by ZmillA
@CoIin said:
" I feel like the people commenting here have never gotten drunk or saw a friend get drunk and talk forever. Grow up. She's just a person and had a lot of great points. This is why Giant Bomb is so great. It's not corporate, it's just people who like video games talking about video games. Leigh was a great guest and hopefully we hear more from her. "

Posted by Skunkboy72

I'm sorry, but that girl's voice is way to loud and way to annoying!

Posted by Magnum

Funny podcast. I love it when people make an ass out of them selves when they drink. I am not alone.

More bat-shit-crazy people please!
Posted by WEGGLES

I love when you have guests. It's like adding something new to a classic.

But NEVER have Leigh on the show again. Holy moley.

Edited by kallistosprom

does she run on Engergiser batteries?  she is like the duersel bunny.. goes on and on and on. Leigh should go on gamespot, their sponsored by them.. how annoying. She is so full of herself and should stop and listen to others for once. Ego does not take you far. Why would anyone want her around any more considering she just about insulted everyone in the world? If she didn't like the 'geek' side of gaming then why come onto a serious gaming site? go to family nintendo.com. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion but please listen to others.

Edited by Mullet_Gear

I didn't get to listen to it until now, and I'm certainly just piling on here, but yes -- she is obnoxious. Maybe she had something to drink, I have no idea. She made some good points but I was also amazed by the unabashed Kojima/Japan love.

Posted by TRega123
I thought Leigh was a bit eccentric; however, she had a lot of great points and had a well informed point of view. She was well versed, and obviously knows her stuff.

This was the most interesting bombcast in a while, and personally, I would rather listen to this than the standard taste-testing of soft drinks that happens in many other bombcasts.
Posted by BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie

From the not many podcasts I've heard, I'm just going to say that I don't like it as much when there's a lot of people.

HOWEVER, I will say I loved the points Leigh brought up about A) Mass Effect being nerds' idea of what is "cool" and how it's kind of sad that it's been hailed as a game with a great story when there's things like the boning scenes that really do ruin the whole thing, and B) that Snow Crash is horrible shit that people need to stop talking about.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Yeah this one was....not so good.

Posted by jmdajr

I signed up just to say that woman was EXTREMELY annoying.

Posted by Lyphen

1:42's ____ Gothic interruptions are the only good thing that came across here. Good GOD is she ever annoying. Yap yap yap yap. Never bring her on ever again.

Posted by thomasonfa

This podcast ended well. I love how your guess was able to take charge and mediate. You should have him on more or hire him.

Posted by Treppass

wow leigh likes to talk. very interesting podcast though :)

Posted by Karmann

I don't know what's worse, the personal insults, or the white knights. She was annoying and ruined the podcast, true, but there is no need to get so nasty. Also most people that comment don't know that she apologized on her blog, if they did, they probably wouldn't be so hard on her.

Posted by MALACHE

Everyone is entitled to an opinion... And Leigh definitely has a couple. But as a fan of Debate and discussion, I think that she brought up a ton of good points, although she does ramble a bit. And it is (IMO)  kinda nice to hear from the female side of things. Heaven forbid someone have an opinion in this world about games that they don't like. Me personally??? I'm not a huge fan of Kojimas stuff either, RE 5 was fun (but I like the older ones better).

And to those of you who are all "Tell that Bitch to shut the Fuck up!!", why don't you fucking learn that you aren't some Gangsta and respect a woman DJ Jazzy Trevor!!! Regardless of your difference of opinion with them, if you do that...MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... one might be kindly enough to have sex with you!! Well...Probably not.

Posted by jmic75

Erg honestly I couldn't finish listening to the podcast, Leigh was just cutting everyone else off and started talking louder until everyone else just gave up. Could she have insulted like everything a bit more?  The other podcasters sounded like they were fed up as well. I'm not saying she's a bad person or anything, but learn to play well with others.

Posted by chickendoughnut
true, true. Then again it's just that I havent seen so much chatter about how someone was horrible at a bombcast
Posted by Jothel
@chickendoughnut said:
" Havnt listened to this bombcast yet.... lets see if I turn into a chauvinistic rambler like certain people "
I doubt it because the complaint isn't because she's a woman, Carrie Gouskos was on day 3 and she was awesome, so once again, not because she's a woman but because of how she acts on the podcast
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Havnt listened to this bombcast yet.... lets see if I turn into a chauvinistic rambler like certain people