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Oh my god!

If I haden't heard about ALL these complaints I would not even have cared about what Leigh said. She is clearly a podcast newbie, hyped and seem to have fun. Some times she had problems making sense (Come on Leigh, use Objective right) but many of her points very really cool. She brough something different to the podcast but mabey not in the best possible way.
The whole podcast was kind of chaotic and that was not only her fault. I actually got more annoyed at the guy that forced out answers out of people with quite an aggresive tone. But would I have written here to bitch about it? No. I only did this because of how crazy this bashing has become.

You all act like the Giantbomb has to be in certain way, that you know best. Almost like you own it.  AND to all of you that used the B and C word and have written that Leigh should get punched or slapped. F**k you, grow up and learn have to act like human beings. The Internet is just horrible some times.

Not the best podcast, not the worst one either. Ever heard Gimli going amok on Listen Up during GDC? Now THAT was out of control. Quality? No. Entertainment? Yes. Learn to take life less serious, okey?
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I'm about 58min in, after wading through the flames and looking over the comments here and over at Leigh's blog and her own responses, I can only shrug and think "eh..I've heard worse". I'm curious if a lot of these angry monkey fisted mobs have ever really hung around friends (or just people in general), had some drinks, sugar water, and shot the shit for an hour or so? If you were to record it and listen to it the next day, you'd most likely hear something very similar.

All I've heard on this Bombcast a side from the usual is a group of people who either know each other or don't, talk, crack jokes, rant, argue, and talk shit like any group of people would after a long day of running around, chugging energy drinks, sugar water, alcohol, etc. So Leigh was a little more blunt, uppity, maybe even a little full of herself, but the girl was hyped up and buzzed. You can't tell me you've never been full of yourself after a few drinks, tokes, redbulls, whatever.

If I had to say anything about her, I'd just suggest she lay off pointing out she's a Journalist so often but again I don't know her, I have no idea if this was because of how she wasn't aware of it or if this is a common thing with her.

So in closing..lighten up guys.

Posted by sephiroth1983

the women was sooo annoying she was totally hogging the podcast

Posted by SaucySala

Brian Eckberg should be pulled onto a podcast.

Oh yeah, wasn't a fan of Leigh either.

Posted by Phil

Probably one of the worst podcasts.  Tell that dumb gal that just because someone is trying to get a point in edge wise doesn't mean you raise your voice and yell over them.  Her voice is like fingernails on a chalk board!!!!

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Yeah, I agree, Leigh was very controlling and selfish with her thoughts. The podcast was going great before she decided that she was the only one with an opinion worth hearing. I don't blame the guys that left early.

Also, it seemed like she was kinda mean :/

Edit: Wow, i just read through the comments, and it seems some people agree with me. Even Leigh :p.

Edit 2: I just can't stress how bad I think she was. The first bad Bombcast EVER. It's painful to listen to, but for some reason I just can't stop D:

Posted by Sephiroth9997
@President_Evil said:
"Giant Bomb Cast- 1UP Yours edition, LOL."


That's exactly what I was thinking listening to this.  The amount of times she used the word "space" rivaled only Patric Klepek.  

Despite her insufferable rants, I quite enjoyed the podcast.  Especially the joke about the german on project runway!   
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Although she was a bit loud and off-topic, I don't think there would be these vicious personal attacks against her if she was a man. Totally uncalled for.

I wish I could say I expected better from the users at Giant Bomb.

Posted by MightyMayorMike

Eh, Leigh was a hot chatty mess, sure, but a lot of you guys are being ridiculous with how vulgar your attacks are. Grow the fuck up.

I enjoyed the podcast. Leigh needs to come back, this time without getting Sparked!

Posted by EndlessMike

The comments on this podcast = the cancer of our internets

Posted by Peter

Edit: Leigh Alexander appologized on her blog So I think that makes things pretty ok

Posted by Peter

I've never found myself yelling "shut up" so much at something like a podcast. Like please stop talking you talk to much jesus christ shes making this podcast unlistenable. stop talking...stop talking...stop talking...stop talking...STOP TALKING PLEASE

Posted by Obienator

Leigh Alexander.....oh jesus make her stop talking!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by EnemaEms

Please give a 3 day notice if Leigh is going to be on again. This way I can makae sure not to download that Bombcast.

Posted by imayellowfellow

leigh definitely went off topic alot and did have some problems with etiquette but i thot alot of what she had to say was interesting. I wouldnt want to see all podcasts going in that direction but she definitely made this one interesting

Posted by TheRizzle
@Tuffgong said:
" Anyone notice that we have this other side to girls in the larger gaming culture in terms of some women who take this assumed stance of authority simply because they're a female?  Often times it tends to stir the pot and confuse the issue. "
Completely agree with this. It's like they feel like they have to be seen so much that they don't realize when enough is enough. We get it. You have a vagina. It's tough to be in a male dominated industry. No other girls liked games when you were growing up.

Get over yourselves gaming ladies. You are not as special as you think you are. The age of being the only girl at your school into gaming is over, and you don't have to get all butthurt because you are not a unique snowflake.
Posted by MasturbatingBear
@twardybidon said:
" Who the hell is that girl?! I've heard her for the first extremely annoying time. I won't call her names but I think I could be entitled to. During the whole podcast she: - said crap about Capcom and their new RE idea - said crap about Bioware and their 'nerdness' - said crap about all people who didn't understand the genius of MGS and Kojima (only she did) etc. The only thing she talked good about were Nazis. She's not an analyst. She's anal. And one more thing girl: When Sir Jeff Gerstmann speaks You shut the fuck up! "
lol The shut the fuck up comment was hilarious. I liked every guest that has ever been on the bombcast. And it wasn't for me just her talking a lot. Wasn't the Paul Barnett? Not sure if that's how u spell his name. Dude talking a lot during the one gdc podcast? He talked a lot but he also let people speak, unlike the bitch, and let people have their opinions. If it was just cutting people off I would think it would be bad to call her names. But she criticizes everyone...
Posted by MasturbatingBear
man shut up. Kraig was awesome with his questions.
Posted by ddensel

Leigh brought up some good points, but her constant yelling and talking over other guests made this Bombcast almost.... as Teddy would say, UNBEARABLE!

Posted by ohwiseone
@remixrunixlp: I agree with what you replied with but i also make the point of, after spending a WHOLE day doing interviews, and seeing games and getting ran over, don't you think your gonna be wanting to speak up about stuff you saw, what made you excited what didn't and what you have problems with
(Though IMO i think the whole Bioware is nerds comment went a bit too far)

but after spending a whole day trying to get a total of 5 minutes to interview your gonna be hyped up, and wanting to go fast, and wanting to make there point and get out of the way..

anyway I think she added the bit of the edge that was good for the podcast, do i think she went too far with somethings YES, Do i think she was a good addition Yes, I want her back, I just want them to be there when she is a bit calmer and, had not spent a whole day on the show floor
Posted by DJMattB241

Oh yes, I want to be clear, my feelings about her being on the podcast have nothing to do with her being female, or her being a Sony fan, or really, her opinions on anything.

It was her delivery. That's cool that she apologized, and I'm significantly less angry now that I've waded through a good 10-15 pages of comments to see that most people are on the same side as me, and the link to her blog.

But seriously. This has nothing to do with me being misogynistic, or hating women, or anything. Have women on the podcast, by all means. But when guests come on the podcast, they should talk to you like a normal human, not like they're some crazy 14 year old.

"No! No! No! Hey! Hey! Listen! No, hey! Hey! Hey! No! Hey, no! Listen, no! No, listen, hey!"

Hey Navi, why don't you shut the fuck up for 10 god damn seconds and let the non-speed-taking adults have a fucking turn?

See, I got mad again. Sorry. I'm not mad anymore.


Posted by Xiemos2
@President_Evil said:
" Giant Bomb Cast- 1UP Yours edition, LOL. "

Leigh needs to shut the fuck up. Here I was listening to the Bombcast, finding myself more and more aggravated at the dumb bitch that wouldn't shut her mouth and finally decided to check these comments to see if anyone else agreed with me; thank god people do!

Posted by BaconGames

An hour into the podcast, the level of rant coming from Leigh isn't something I can just brush off.  It was the quick string of one polarized opinion after another that really just made it frustrating to listen to given her dominance in the podcast.  It's a shame that she had some really good points but it was just ruined by some unreasonable stuff.

Anyone notice that we have this other side to girls in the larger gaming culture in terms of some women who take this assumed stance of authority simply because they're a female?  Often times it tends to stir the pot and confuse the issue.

Posted by President_Evil

Giant Bomb Cast- 1UP Yours edition, LOL.

Posted by falstaf

Okay. Who was that girl? And why didn't anybody have the balls to say Zip it!

Posted by DJMattB241
@RVonE said:
@robio said:
"20 minutes in she still won't shut up"
Right there with you man... "
Myself as well. 35 minutes left in my podcast and I think there's been about 10 minutes where she wasn't talking fucking NON-STOP, and talking over the top of everyone, and interrupting everyone, and repeating the same repeating the same repeating the same repeating the same three words over and over until everyone else shuts up and listens to her.

Please don't ever have her again on the podcast. She's making my damn ears bleed. She said she had to leave in five minutes about fifteen minutes ago. LEAVE.
Posted by girr92

sexy nazis wtf?

Posted by Parsnip

Also, I would totally want to see a new 2D Castlevania on a console as well. I've been wanting to see that since forever, but they just keep pumping out those handheld games.

Just think of how awesome it would look with hand drawn sprites and all that shit in 720p.

Posted by RVonE

Go White Knights go!

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The best part of all this Leigh hate is that internets is bat-shit crazy and it's 38 pages of hating already.

But I feel bad for Ulf because he got to say like 12 words during the whole thing, and you could hear him starting to say something a few times but he got cut off.

So in conclusion, more fucking awesome swedes in future podcasts thanks!

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I am risking to be banned, but the cause is worth it: leave the woman alone! And maybe the admins should close down this comment-thread for once and all. Read this and reflect before the next insult-post:

on June 4, 2009
All the unnecessary and vile venom spewed out in these comments really makes me sad for the Bomb crew, the rest of those involved in the podcast and for the GiantBomb community in general. A sad day indeed. Shame on all of you hateful people.

on June 4, 2009
It seems to me that the majority of the people complaining about this lady have GREEN names. Which leads me to believe she pissed you off because she was optimistic about Sony. 
Sure, a few times she was yelling and interrupted people and then certainly rambled on too much, but damn not nearly as bad you people are making it out to be. She got to be on a bombcast and was having fun. I liked how positive it was too, everyone was having a lot of fun and laughing a ton! You guys are just annoyed because its a woman. face it. e

on June 4, 2009

Scratch that. I love Leigh Alexander. She should be a recurring guest on Giant Bomb. God bless her insigtful acumen and unbridled enthusiasm about all things games.

on June 4, 2009
Leigh is a pretty hardcore chick.  Nobody got off easy.  It was iike listening to Meet the Press.  Haha, I can imagine some of them being, "I thought I came here just to bs and talk about games, not have my company torn to shreds in public."
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on June 4, 2009
Screw the rest of you guys.  I thought Leigh was totally hilarious and insightful; she really knows her stuff.  She took the conversations in this podcast off track many times, but I would love for her to come back for future episodes when there's no strict schedule of E3 topics to discuss.

buckybit is online
on June 4, 2009

Many of you people amaze me. REALLY? Where the fuck have you been the last couple years? Even the last couple months?

Do you really understand what the Giantbomb guys are all about. Do you really LISTEN?

I cannot believe how much hate and criticism Leigh gets on these flaming comments for what?  If the hard working people gathered at E3 cannot have some fun amongst friends, and all of you and me get THE PRIVILEGE to listen to them for free (mind you!), all you can come up with IS BITCHIN???

I will follow this closely now, just to find out, if it is worth spending my time with people I seriously misjudged - Giantbomb-Fans - if you really are an immature 'audience' (no matter if 12 or 42) instead of Duders who love the site as much as the hardworking guys that make them and value other people finishing a hard day of work, getting together amongst friends and talking - so, if you cannot appreciate this, I will suggest to them, they should consider, if they really want to do this for you anymore. Is it worth it?

Feel free to spam me, if you think it's about me (do we know each other?) otherwise I beg you to reflect on the mean things you wrote and said or just leave it to rest. Ignoring the Outbreak is an option I am considering strongly, too. But old men get grumpy sometimes.

(I don-t refer to all people here, you know who you are, stay calm.)


@Kill: I truly appreciate your comment, but I am still having a near heart-attack right now. And it has also to do with the 'constructive criticism'. Just let them make one - in many ears - unlistenable podcast. So what? If you don't like it, ok. Suggest this and that, but please, the poor girl had to apologize; she was pressed to not just feel embarrassed for having a good time with a couple friends, but also has to justify it to US? I say no. I say fuck us, if we cannot endure half an episode of them having fun.

I am sorry. You are right. I should calm down. But my fingers are furious. I should go offline and take a walk.

Thanks and take care.

And the final word has Duder Ryan Davis:

- note to people with opinions on our day 2 podcast: we get it. you loved/hated it. moving on!

  Ryan Davis from his Twitter account.

[edited for spelling error]
Posted by louiedog

I went out to buy some food (10 minute walk each way) and put this on my mp3 player. I got my food, came home, and realized I forgot to stop at the ATM which I had to do today. So I walked back to the bank, walked back home, and she was just finishing up her rant. Ugh. Please, everyone else on the podcast talks with each other, sometimes at the same time, but they're not in competition.

Leigh? "No! No! Let me make my point! I'm going to talk louder! Listen to this! Stop talking while I'm talking or I'll just repeat the first word of the sentence over and over until someone let's me make my point! Don't you dare assume you have an opinion on this subject, only I do! Listen! Listen! Listen! No! No! Listen! Listen! I think this! Listen!"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Her arrogance is not appreciated. I like the Bombcast because the guys are hilarious and have interesting discussions. I don't want a lecture from a person who thinks louder is a better argument. I even agree with her on a lot of the stuff, but wtf, she does not play well with others.

Posted by Warihay

Alright podcast. I know it's already been made clear, but sorry Leigh. I just couldn't stand her. First time I almost decided to just stop listening to a bombcast but I was able to make it through.

Posted by dabada

Sorry, but, I really liked Leigh.

Carrie Gouskos used to go off on rants on the Hotspot.
Remember when Rich, Bob, and Jeff ganged up on her about the word "gamer."

I think Carrie and Leigh have a few things in common.
They both like Japanese RPGs
They're both MGS fans on a podcast with few MGS fans.
They both have a *gasp* feminine sensibility in an obviously male dominated industry.
They both are very intelligent and insightful.

Rich Gallup just did a better job at keeping the podcast on point. Heck, Rich was even able to keep Jeff reigned in. If not in the recording process, then in the editing room.

Posted by GiantTarget

Nothing against Leigh, but she really needs to learn some etiquette when it comes to discussion.  I found her to be extremely rude when she would butt in and not stop talking until she regained control of the floor.  If she is to appear again I would tell her to show some restraint and learn some manners.

Posted by jakob187

Every single point that I clicked to within an hour time-span was Leigh blabbering about endlessly.  I understand that she is from Gamasutra and not an actual developer or anything, so she'll be a critic along with the GB crew rather than talking about a game that she's making or whatever...but nonetheless...when there are three other guests, as well as four regular hosts...and every time I click...I hear her voice...

...well, besides this being the longest run-on sentence in the history of mankind, this is about what listening to just one of Leigh's thoughts is like.  =  /  I think she's a rad chick, and yes, she has some excellent opinions on things...but this podcast had little to no focus, it seemed.  Luckily, Paul and Carrie saved the day on Day Three!  = D
Posted by remixrunixlp
@ohwiseone said:
" Leigh Was a different take on most things, I do think these multiple guests are kinda hard to understand, But I Do think Leigh, was a different take..I just wish that she wouldn't of interrupted pretty much everyone, I mean brad was pretty much quiet for the whole podcast "

I'm blown away by the shear hatred being spewed at the poor girl, because her take on things is from a decidedly different and interesting angle than the usual Bomb-Squad (and I welcome anyone willing to start talking about JRPGs on this site dammit!). But seriously, next time ya'll have her on, try and reign back her excitement a bit, because she's leaping over everyone in this podcast.
Posted by Absurd

Goddamn outgoing women.

Posted by Doogie2K

Doesn't everyone know the First Law of Podast Thermodynamics?  The more guests you have, and the more intoxication involved (alcohol, taurine, E3 tiredness), the greater the probability of an absolute clusterfuck?  It was neither the worst Bombcast (post-PAX panel drunken shenanigans), nor the worst show-stopping bit of ranting (drunken Scotsman on ListenUP at GDC), so...maybe people should be less douchey.

Posted by pirate_republic

I couldn't finish this podcast because that woman won't FUCKING SHUT UP.

Posted by CharleyTony

I listened to the whole show and I really liked it. Given you might not want to have so many special guests on one show and I wouldn't want the Bombcast to always feature new people, but I really liked what Leigh Alexander brought near the end.
Bombcast fans need to stop going overboard with their comments in here. This ain't a console war, its a podcast. It was a pretty good one. You can like it or dislike how it went but for the love of God dont start using phrases like "Best Bomcast EVAR !!!!" or "Ihated so much that I almost committed suicide.

Grow Up Internet Bipolar A-Holes !

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Leigh Was a different take on most things, I do think these multiple guests are kinda hard to understand, But I Do think Leigh, was a different take..I just wish that she wouldn't of interrupted pretty much everyone, I mean brad was pretty much quiet for the whole podcast

Posted by havoc414

i'll take Tor over Leigh i meant. not in general

Posted by havoc414
@Bad_JuJu said:
"Generally I like it when industry guests stop by.  But, please. Please! PLEASE!!! Do not have Leigh return to the show.  She rambles and spouts her thoughts the instant they pop in her head.  At some point she said she just wanted to understand someone else's point of view, yet she wouldn't stop talking to hear that the guy from Capcom was trying to respond to her.  She is the equivalent of a female Tor Thorsen.  I was ready to give up on the show when she finally left.  Thank God for small favors. "

i'll take Tor Thorsen anyday.  yeah i said it
Posted by Bad_JuJu

Generally I like it when industry guests stop by.  But, please. Please! PLEASE!!! Do not have Leigh return to the show.  She rambles and spouts her thoughts the instant they pop in her head.  At some point she said she just wanted to understand someone else's point of view, yet she wouldn't stop talking to hear that the guy from Capcom was trying to respond to her.  She is the equivalent of a female Tor Thorsen.  I was ready to give up on the show when she finally left.  Thank God for small favors.

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@robio said:
" Leigh Alexander does not need to breathe, she fakes it so people think she's human so they invite her on podcasts, than she reveals her true self and rapes your ears with an unending string of wack ass punditry.  Kill it with silver Jeff, kill it with silver. "
My thoughts exactly!.. well said!... I never want to hear Leigh EVER!!! (get it) again couldn't make it to the end of the podcast thats how much she annoyed me!... like does she understand the basic premiss of a podcast or conversation in terms of letting somebody else speak  for a bit? 
Posted by ververdan0226

maybe leigh needs some more boning in her life...

seriously though, i don't mean that. she can talk, but she does have some fascinating, if very long-winded thoughts. her ideas on kojima's ideas of game design and virtual worlds were actually pretty interesting. 

two podcasts in a row though, and no Vinny... come on guys

Posted by 3danthony

That lady is killing me. 

Posted by Undeadpool


Posted by DorianBlack

What the hell is Gamasutra? Anyway yeah I did find that woman a tad too much at times but it wasn't as horrendous as everyone says it is. As soon as she admitted to being an anime fangirl I sort of just realized "Ok it makes sense now" and ignored her. There were parts that still made me chuckle, like Jeff's tirade that Second Life players are bad people. Also I listened to it on a long train ride and then finished it in subsequent cab rides/line wating. So I had nothing else to do anyway.