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Posted by pwr905

If you can read this, the bitch fell off.

New bombcast is up. Something *else* to talk about?

Posted by Tebbit

Wait, so someone explain to me what the fuck happened!?

Posted by xDot

This was awesome, Leigh was awesome only thing that could be better was if Vinny was on.

Posted by Tebbit

Oh wait, I just got to 3.40. Ouch!!

Posted by hakunin
@Stephen_Von_Cloud: The Giant Bombcast is not a part of E3. Leigh Alexander does not represent E3.
Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud
@hakunin said:
" @Stephen_Von_Cloud: The Giant Bombcast is not a part of E3. Leigh Alexander does not represent E3. "
It's actually part of the coverage of E3... so yeah it is part of the overall experience of E3.  She works for a respected outlet (gamasutra) so.... you're wrong.
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@Stephen_Von_Cloud said:
@hakunin said:
" @Reuptake: Jesus Christ, some of you take Giant Bomb waaaaay to seriously. The Giant Bombcast is something "very important to the industry"?! Get the fuck over yourselves. "
Uh, don't want to quite speak for him but he's saying E3 is important I believe.

If you're going to be on a show for something important to you in the industry you work inAs in this podcast is for something important to the industry she works in (E3) "

Yeah, that was pretty much it.  It's all part of E3, whether it's the bombcast, or NG4, or any other show that has a presence there.  The fact that you're allowed into E3 as press means that you're more or less taken seriously within the industry, at least on the journalism side of things. 

Once again, we have generalizations, misquotations, and straw men. 
Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud
@xDot said:
" You guys need to bring girls on more often, it brings out the RAGE in your comments section. Or maybe it was because she didn't hate on Sony. "
Or maybe it was because she made the podcast unenjoyable to listen to?  Crazy I know but it's just a thought.
Posted by Reuptake
@Stephen_Von_Cloud said:
@xDot said:
" You guys need to bring girls on more often, it brings out the RAGE in your comments section. Or maybe it was because she didn't hate on Sony. "
Or maybe it was because she made the podcast unenjoyable to listen to?  Crazy I know but it's just a thought. "

Exactly.  If anyone else had acted like her, I still would have turned it off partway through and be saying the same things now.  I remember someone here saying "What if Jeff had acted like that?!" and my answer simply is, "He wouldn't."  My more nuanced answer is, "It would have been annoying to listen to too."
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Nah but to be kinda critical in a constructive way, Leigh is a nice gal, but man sometimes... just let other peeps talk...

And NO I don't frickin want SEX in resident Evil...

I think it's nice to hear a nice gal in teh podcast anyways. An I really feel for her. She doesn't deserve all this nonsense comments

keep up the good work peeps <3


Posted by Krelle

Worst Bombcast ever. Listening right now, and Im on the brink of pressing Stop already.

Alexander Leight, STFU. Please. Your voice..ghaa.
Also, did she say "chau chau chau!" in the beginning? Learnt that from Bashcraft? Jeez.

never again, NEVER

Posted by Cake

Wait a sec...SS uniforms are sexy ? Nazi's style is cool ?
The first E3 day podcast was one of the funniest things I listened to in a long time, even listened to it twice,
regardless of the SS/Nazi talk, this podcast, at least so far, has nothing to do with E3, and is just people shouting on top of eachother..

Posted by Light_Bahamut

I skipped to the midway point, it gets a bit better. Sort of. Not really.

Posted by hakunin
@Stephen_Von_Cloud: "You're wrong!" Great argument there, buddy.

Just because you cover it does not mean you are a part of it. I'm pretty sure E3 would still be held if GB didn't exist.
Posted by Light_Bahamut

Dudes, a bunch of drinking makes a good party, but not a listenable podcast.

Posted by Reuptake
@hakunin: What's your point?
Posted by Light_Bahamut

Figured out how to enjoy this podcast. Anytime you hear Leigh's voice, fast forward 'til the noise stops.

At the same time, I feel bad for her. She's bummed out on her blog 'cause of this whole deal. You guys should have her back on again sometime, just keep her away from the Sparks.

Posted by Shinji_Rarenai

I thought this podcast was so fucking funny. It feels like a bunch of friends ripping on each other over drinks. Chaos and talking over each other, but so what? "Objectively sexy Nazi uniforms?" I don't think I laughed harder... Jeff's reaction was priceless..

Posted by Kush

How about we all stop talking negatively about the female guest already...I'm sure you can all find something much better to do with your time. This is all completely ridiculous.

Posted by Rayfield

This was the first Bombcast I've listened to that was mostly unpleasant to listen to. 

Posted by Det1
@Kush: What are you suggesting, that we actually spend time playing video games instead of getting mad at people on the internet?
Fuck that.
Posted by Ariketh

Why was that guy being such a dick to Brad?

He is my disappointment for E3.

Posted by TheKing

"Hey guys so I was thinking maybe we will have Leigh back on the podcast again..."


Posted by Creamypies

This podcast was awesome. But this is no dig at girls... I'm all for girl guests and everything... but this one just doesn't shut up, she has a negative opinion on EVERYTHING but Metal Gear and Sony.

Posted by richieinjapan

When do I next wanna hear Leigh Alexander on a Bombcast?


Posted by Andrela

Sooo much shouting over people in this podcast

and ss uniforms are not sexy

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I have to jump on the pile. I pressed play on this podcast hoping to catch some E3 insights before I fell asleep. But then my dreams started morphing into a screeching valkyrie clawing at my ears. Fortunately I was still cognizant enough to locate the remote's mute button.
This morning, it interested me to see so many people had a similar reaction to Leigh as I did. I've met plenty of girls that match her archetype and I just don't get on with them.
The bullet points in the comments made me skip around just to hear them and it was worth it. Microsoft is a bunch of frat boys? Nazi uniforms are sexy "objectively"? Metal Gear Solid is too deep for simple minds to get.
Leigh, you made it personal when you cutoff Brad talking about Prototype to say essentially nothing! That hurt me it really did. And then you retreated to the bastion sought by so many before you "I was drunk!"
Enjoyed the last 30 mins with the Capcom guy's questioning.

Posted by Jothel

Pretty funny to see the constant loop of people who obviously don't like Leigh's contribution, the people white-knighting and the people who genuinely enjoyed the podcast, this has been going on for like 13 hours straight

Posted by Teh_Eel

Leigh got a little annoying towards the end but not as bad as some people are making out. She had some interesting points and stop the podcast from becoming dull.

Posted by K9

Not liking the guests on the podcast is one thing but going to Leigh Alexander's website and verbally abusing her is idiotic and in poor taste. Just because you are posting on internet does not mean that you are not interacting with other human beings and it does not make it permissible to act outside proper etiquette. Also in the process of calling her names you are  dragging the entire giantbomb community in mud. For the sake of this website don't post any more insulting messages at her website. And if you are one of the community members who insulted her it would be appropriate to apologize for such silly behavior.