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Posted by CharAznable

After being a long-time fan, I created a Giant Bomb account just to comment here. Far less Leigh Alexander, and way more Ulf Anderson was needed. I was bummed when he had to leave, he's a really interesting guy to listen to.

Despite the hour-long tirades on Resident Evil, "virtual worlds," and sexy Nazis, listening to the Bombcast is always a highlight of my day.

Posted by Supermarius

Well, she definitely wasn't good. The problem is she lets herself indulge in the pseduo-intellectual sort of talk about videogames thats it totally useless to most gamers. I think it comes from thinking about games more than you actually play them. I dont want to hear her unified theory on the game industry and neither does hardly anyone else. Its fine to talk as much as she did, i think, but talk about gameplay and graphics and multiplayer and real tangible aspects of videogames.

She sorta sounded like Tim Rodgers, who i loved in his FFDog final fantasy endurance run movies, but man is that guy full of very elitist, japanophile hot air.

Posted by Cirdain

This bombcast ep is terrible. Why was it so bad -> Leigh Alexander.

Posted by Supermarius

Also. Its definitely reprehensible to attack her with sexist terms, but im pretty sure that if she had been a guy ppl would have still been giving her a hard time. I personally would never call a woman a c-word because I like women and want them to like me and fear that they all share a psychic link which will inform the female collective if i am a jerk to even one of them. :P

Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud
@hakunin said:
" @Stephen_Von_Cloud: "You're wrong!" Great argument there, buddy.Just because you cover it does not mean you are a part of it. I'm pretty sure E3 would still be held if GB didn't exist. "
Haha, and what a great argument for you.  I pointed out why you are completely wrong, and then said so.  If you cover E3 you are completely a part of the overall experience.  The media that covers events is part of the event.

Nice try though man.
Posted by JestSpider

I know its been said but i gotta 80 times reiterate.....man this chick is annoying. Not just her voice, but her willingness to argue over insignificant details...man please no more of this lady

Edited by HazBazz

I'm jumping on the Leigh hate train here. She needs to shut up. She has some interesting points, but she just talks over everyone. And whenever somebody tries to make a funny point, she just says "Shut up im trying to talk".

EDIT: Just read her apology on her blog. At least she admits she was being annoying

Posted by ElCapitan

More Leigh! She's great!

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Well I'm about an hour and a half in...hmmmm.

 My main gripe is the cutting off of others. What I love about the Bombcast is being able to hear everyone's perspective. I hate when someone shouts down everyone else. I don't agree with some of her views and she is too judgmental for my tastes but she's entitled to that. That's fine, if everyone had the same views the world would be really boring.

Just give everyone a chance to talk and present the opposite view.

Posted by pweidman

First podcast I just had to turn off.  It was wildly off topic, full of posturing BS ala 1up, and terribly moderated.   Note to Ryan Davis: keep up the integrity of the show(and you are the one who does this)by keeping it mostly on-topic, and having no more than 4-5 people on at a time so we can hear their opinions and takes in some sort of comprehensive way. Hell it's E3 for christ's sake, we want the news and opinions of those who we trust.  Be responsible to your audience GB!!!

Edited by welded

Please do not have Leigh Alexander on the podcast ever again.

Thank you.

@pweidman said: 
"It was wildly off topic, full of posturing BS ala 1up, and terribly moderated."
Yup, that just about sums up the 1Up podcast which I also stopped listening to as well. :/
Posted by Kraznor

My opinion is this was an extremely interesting and enjoyable podcast. Leigh Alexander was a fine guest and I wouldn't mind a future appearance.

Posted by Kush

From the twitter of Ryan Davis himself...

"note to people with opinions on our day 2 podcast: we get it. you loved/hated it. moving on!"

...Maybe you guys should listen to the man and move on already. This is absolutely ridiculous and I can't believe people are still complaining about this.

Posted by Harknett
I'm sure someone has already said what I'm about to but I'm not about to wade through thirty-something pages of clashing praise and hatred to find out.

This was probably the best podcast I have ever listened to that didn't feature Ira Glass. When I listen to a group of people discuss media I want to hear conflicting ideas and personalities. The fact that Leigh seemed to be talking over people at any given moment wasn't her fault, it was the fault of having that many people with various agendas on mics at the same time. It has nothing to do with the "white knight" theory that people are tossing around on Twitter and GAF, I would defend anyone in a similar situation. Had someone like Ryan Scott or Garnett Lee been on the podcast, neither of whom have vaginas as far as I know, and done the same thing I would be approaching the situation with this exact same logic. 

People seem to treat their video game podcasts like comfort food these days. They rise up in outrage over the spices that someone placed in their mother's mashed potatoes as if it were an attack on their very person. When hosts and writers cave to this ideal their product quickly turns into a sea of circle jerks and agreements rather than a discussion about video games that approaches the subject from all angles. I'm glad that the Bomb crew seems to have enough integrity to say, "note to people with opinions on our day 2 podcast: we get it. you loved/hated it. moving on!" and view the entire thing as an experience that can be learned from rather than caving to the views of the masses.

Posted by p4ddym1607

I thought Leigh Alexander was a great guest.
I agreed with a lot of what she was saying.

Posted by BranDong
@Harknett: Excellent post.  Giant Bomb podcast have become mothers tit milk to a bunch of whining babies! It's just a fucking E3 special podcast.. this is not the end of the world you'll get your regular scheduled  "normal" podcast every Tuesday!  I still found this one to be very entertaining!
Posted by kraigk

Man, what a crazy response on these forums.  Love this site.

We were all pretty hopped and drinking away. Those Sparks are like drinking a liquid Sweet Tart that blasts your mind.

It was a good time and hopefully we can all laugh at the debaucherous (is that even a word?) fun that is a Giant Bombcast.

Posted by ahriman22

She tried to commandeer the podcast. 

Posted by Colonel_Fury

Its time to get over this stuff. Move on. Its a podcast, you could always not listen.

Posted by Gennolli

Wow. That girl talks over everyone throughout the entire Podcast. I would love to see a word count of her versus everyone else.

Posted by rpgobjects

Count me in the group that thinks that Leigh Alexander was so annoying and incomprehensible.  None of her points made sense and anytime people challenged her she changed her mind.  It was just babbling.  Several of the things were a bit insulting and I'm not easily insulted.   I love the bomb cast, but if i hear her voice again, I'll have to skip that cast. 

Posted by babz

very good show.

Posted by DorianBlack

What the hell is Gamasutra? Anyway yeah I did find that woman a tad too much at times but it wasn't as horrendous as everyone says it is. As soon as she admitted to being an anime fangirl I sort of just realized "Ok it makes sense now" and ignored her. There were parts that still made me chuckle, like Jeff's tirade that Second Life players are bad people. Also I listened to it on a long train ride and then finished it in subsequent cab rides/line wating. So I had nothing else to do anyway.

Posted by Undeadpool


Posted by 3danthony

That lady is killing me. 

Posted by ververdan0226

maybe leigh needs some more boning in her life...

seriously though, i don't mean that. she can talk, but she does have some fascinating, if very long-winded thoughts. her ideas on kojima's ideas of game design and virtual worlds were actually pretty interesting. 

two podcasts in a row though, and no Vinny... come on guys

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@robio said:
" Leigh Alexander does not need to breathe, she fakes it so people think she's human so they invite her on podcasts, than she reveals her true self and rapes your ears with an unending string of wack ass punditry.  Kill it with silver Jeff, kill it with silver. "
My thoughts exactly!.. well said!... I never want to hear Leigh EVER!!! (get it) again couldn't make it to the end of the podcast thats how much she annoyed me!... like does she understand the basic premiss of a podcast or conversation in terms of letting somebody else speak  for a bit? 
Posted by Bad_JuJu

Generally I like it when industry guests stop by.  But, please. Please! PLEASE!!! Do not have Leigh return to the show.  She rambles and spouts her thoughts the instant they pop in her head.  At some point she said she just wanted to understand someone else's point of view, yet she wouldn't stop talking to hear that the guy from Capcom was trying to respond to her.  She is the equivalent of a female Tor Thorsen.  I was ready to give up on the show when she finally left.  Thank God for small favors.

Edited by ohwiseone

Leigh Was a different take on most things, I do think these multiple guests are kinda hard to understand, But I Do think Leigh, was a different take..I just wish that she wouldn't of interrupted pretty much everyone, I mean brad was pretty much quiet for the whole podcast

Posted by CharleyTony

I listened to the whole show and I really liked it. Given you might not want to have so many special guests on one show and I wouldn't want the Bombcast to always feature new people, but I really liked what Leigh Alexander brought near the end.
Bombcast fans need to stop going overboard with their comments in here. This ain't a console war, its a podcast. It was a pretty good one. You can like it or dislike how it went but for the love of God dont start using phrases like "Best Bomcast EVAR !!!!" or "Ihated so much that I almost committed suicide.

Grow Up Internet Bipolar A-Holes !

Posted by pirate_republic

I couldn't finish this podcast because that woman won't FUCKING SHUT UP.

Posted by Doogie2K

Doesn't everyone know the First Law of Podast Thermodynamics?  The more guests you have, and the more intoxication involved (alcohol, taurine, E3 tiredness), the greater the probability of an absolute clusterfuck?  It was neither the worst Bombcast (post-PAX panel drunken shenanigans), nor the worst show-stopping bit of ranting (drunken Scotsman on ListenUP at GDC), so...maybe people should be less douchey.

Posted by Absurd

Goddamn outgoing women.

Posted by remixrunixlp
@ohwiseone said:
" Leigh Was a different take on most things, I do think these multiple guests are kinda hard to understand, But I Do think Leigh, was a different take..I just wish that she wouldn't of interrupted pretty much everyone, I mean brad was pretty much quiet for the whole podcast "

I'm blown away by the shear hatred being spewed at the poor girl, because her take on things is from a decidedly different and interesting angle than the usual Bomb-Squad (and I welcome anyone willing to start talking about JRPGs on this site dammit!). But seriously, next time ya'll have her on, try and reign back her excitement a bit, because she's leaping over everyone in this podcast.
Posted by GiantTarget

Nothing against Leigh, but she really needs to learn some etiquette when it comes to discussion.  I found her to be extremely rude when she would butt in and not stop talking until she regained control of the floor.  If she is to appear again I would tell her to show some restraint and learn some manners.