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Coming at you Almost Live from Giant BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB.com

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Oh cool, it wasn't late.

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Never too much Bombcast!

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Ugh. Will listen tomorrow, can't handle it tonight.

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This'll help me get through final papers. Or distract me from them.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

Ugh. Will listen tomorrow, can't handle it tonight.

So... your body isn't ready at the moment?

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Fuck you

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I like literally everything in that description.

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Woo Woo Woo !

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Oh Lordy, the Jason Rubin talk is going to be suuuuweet.

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I think it's been enough time, and I'm ready to hear some more SC2 talk. Lay it on me!

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You can just breeze through Catherine if you just play it on Very Easy. Let me quote this from the internet:

"If you want to breeze through Catherine without so much as a tickle of a challenge, then simply access the main menu, and highlight Golden Theater. Once highlighted, hold the Back, or Select button for a few seconds. The screen should flash with a prompt telling you the mode is activated. From there, start your game. Don’t worry; I won’t tell your friends that you can’t bring Catherine to a climax without some cheats."

You don't need to restart the game to do this. You can just switch to easy. Y'all are crazy, though. I love that gameplay. Also, its awesome to hear Patrick is enjoying Vanquish.
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Is my body ready?

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@Orange_Tory said:

Never too much Bombcast!

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OH you are the guys from the indie game movie!

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aw no vinny :(

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O goody

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@huser said:


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@chose said:

@huser said:



Well done, I haven't heard that song in like a decade.

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All of the Max Payne 3 talk boggles my mind.

Played it on hard on PC, had only one frustrating shoot out, and I feel their complaints stem from playing it on a gamepad. That bad-ass-angel-of-death of death feeling Patrick was talking about is still there. I wish they wouldn't condemn the game for not carrying the exact same tone as the other 2 games which came out a decade ago.

It's a fantastic game.

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only 2 hours, what a bunch of pussies, loi

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@cyraxible: Played it on a gamepad. Had no issues. Got into cover, shootdodged, got into other cover, shootdodged some more. Loved it. If anything, Max is beefier in this game than the old ones. Does everybody forget that after shootdodging in the original, you usually stood behind a pillar or something for awhile, since there was no cover?

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Jesus, I could just picture Jeff driving around in a Camaro. Please tell me there's pictures.

Sucks to hear it wasn't satisfying. I definitely agree about the damn blind spots. I can't see shit in my 92 Camaro.

and Ryan, V8 SS Camaros have been available since 2010 dude and they are over 400 horse power.

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In regard to that Polygon story, and in Jason Rubin's defense, the story was pretty poorly written.

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It's so goddamn bizarre to hear people say Buffalo Wings. Why aren't they just chicken wings? That's what WE call them, and we invented them!

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Brads taking his home computer obsession WAY too far. He's gonna be a brain in a jar connected to a computer by the end on the year. I'm callin' it!

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Twelve yards long and two lanes wide. Sixty five tons of American pride.

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Japanese curve ball, I love it

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@Zamir: DAMN I hoped I could "inb4" that. /fingersnap

Averages people, averages. Still teh best weekly value for monies on internetz.

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@Brackynews said:

@Zamir: DAMN I hoped I could "inb4" that. /fingersnap

Averages people, averages. Still teh best weekly value for monies on internetz.

are you irish, rastafarian or drunk

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@cyraxible said:

It's a fantastic game.

Is it? It's certainly well made and plays well, but it's way too long for what is essentially nothing but shoot guys. Over and over. Unlike the first two the slick style and story doesn't carry it past that because it's all weaker in 3. 
That's my problem with it anyway, if it wasn't for shooter fatigue I may have felt different. 
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Is it just me or doesn't Max Payne 3 pick up before after the first few levels? I was way down on it up until the end of the stadium level, after that I loved it.

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The discussion about "perverse applause" really makes me feel weird. Maybe you should start to question the intents of the developers if they feel the need to spotlight their big gore moments. I understand that it is wierd to cheer those things. But God of War isnt really a franchise that brings anything new to the table besides gore. At this point in the franchise the only thing there is to care about in a new GOW game is what fucked up things Kratos does to the creatures he comes across. If you are going to cheer things, you cheer improvements to a game, or cheer the end of a demo. In the case of The Last Of Us, i think its more of cheering the demo as a whole, not the "shotgun to the face" moment. In the case of GOW, they are cheering the gore, because as i said, at this point, gore is all that series has going for it.

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@Sooty said:

@cyraxible said:

It's a fantastic game.

Is it? It's certainly well made and plays well, but it's way too long for what is essentially nothing but shoot guys. Over and over. Unlike the first two the slick style and story doesn't carry it past that because it's all weaker in 3. That's my problem with it anyway, if it wasn't for shooter fatigue I may have felt different.

The first 2, to me, weren't that great, THe story was okay, the controls felt, too loose to me, and I never felt like I was in control. I think the polish in 3 just blows a lot of the first 2 out of the water. Espically in playing 3 and going back to the older ones.

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Max Payne 3 on the PC is great it's much more tactical then past games can't just kill every dude in slo mo like past games taking cover and even rolling helps in combat.I love the series play the first and second to death probably my favorite game series of all time right next to GTA.I think Rockstar is the only dev that could pull it off and to me they did.Still don't know how people can play any shooter on a gamepad way to inaccurate unless it has aim assist but that is just lame to me mouse and keyboard is always best for fps and third person shooters.

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i really dont get what all the fuss is about with the lara croft game lol.. it sounds completely reasonable to me..

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@Sooty: You can make any game sound underwhelming if you boil it down like that.

I thought it was really well paced and when it was all over I was disappointed I couldn't have kept playing more. It kept me engaged until the final shell dropped.

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If you guys named your episodes, this one should totally be called "Contextual Shit". Some great discussions here.

Though as far as the applause for violence goes, when I heard that applause I didn't hear the audience saying "yay, I can finally see the brain". It came off to me more like the audience saying "yay, this is totally another God of War game".

And for the Last of Us, the excitement at the end I picked up to be more like that excitement after you've just had a scare or been totally grossed out when watching a horror movie, rather than excitement for the violence itself.

That's all how I took it anyways. I'm sure there's a good discussion to be had about how brutality is so accepted in the medium to the point where you won't get gasps from brutality. I totally had that moment Brad had from the applause except it was for the dude demoing the new Splinter Cell game talking about "killing in motion". The fact that the act of killing is spun into a catch-phrase like that in a demo highlightning the big new feature of killing while you run really took me out of it.

But hey, I didn't think much of it when Bulletstorm had their whole "kill with skill" thing. Looking back on it now though I've got no problem saying "yeah, that's kinda fucked up".