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Edited by amardilo

Great podcast as always.

I really liked the Northies, it is a shame it's being retired.

I also need to stop listening to the Bombcast when I am on a treadmill. I could not stop laughing and lost my footing and almost fell off the treadmill.

Posted by Gabriel

WTF is this shit retiring the Northies.

Posted by aethyal

I was a little disappointed to not see "Pre-Order Bonus" on the PLEASE STOP! award. I feel that deserves a spot right next to day one patches.

Posted by StiC

Birds of Steel deserves a mention for best looking, but the Bomb Crew seem oblivious to it's existence. Perhaps next year as a best of 2012 in 2013.

Posted by TPoppaPuff

Yay more 8-bit schlock for best graphics! I forgot it was 2006 again, the last time bit art was novel.

Posted by Legion_

How the fuck does this get 100 comments in such a short time?