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Posted by simian

Dammit I still haven't even started Halo4. What's the timecode for the end of spoiler talk?

Posted by BigDaddy81

@simian: 01:48:58

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I feel less compelled to listen to this Bombcast than other times, probably because they're gonna spoil Halo 4, I game I want to play, and discuss JRPGs, a genre I like (and that's never good, in context of what they have had to say about it before).

...What the hell, I'll listen to it. I already got the biggest spoiler from Alexis in the TNT, and what they say won't change my opinions on JRPGs (at least, not by much).

But honestly though Giant Bomb, if you're reading this, please refrain from more spoilers in the future. It makes me hesitant to consume your content. I'm aware that Halo 4 was last year and you did your GOTY discussions already, but it came out just 3 months ago. Plenty of people have not played Halo 4 yet, as much as you guys may not think so. Take me, for example.

Anyways, keep up the good work and stay healthy. I apologize about my overly long (and perhaps overly passionate) post.

Posted by Phoenix87

I really think that Jeff should do stand up, because he's funny as shit.

Posted by Benny

Qi = Chi = power levels, dragonball Z, it's that.

Posted by JeanLuc

The best thing about Yelp is the Francis York Morgan Profile someone made.


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Talking about Halo 4's lack of interesting story and debating the relevance of JRPGs preceeded by criticism of online reviews? Sounds like a Bombcast I can get in to.

Typically when looking at online reviews I try to realize that people who make these kinds of reviews either

  • 1) had a very good experience
  • 2) had a very bad experience
  • 3) are jerks who want to intimidate businesses to get better service

I would not want to read a review from anyone who received preferential service because that is the OPPOSITE of what I would receive as a typical customer.

On the topic of Ni No Kuni and JRPGs: It has become increasingly obvious that JRPG shrinking in popularity as a genre. I have not had the desire to play a JRPG for a few years now because so many of them adopt the same tropes and are SO LONG. I try and stay away from shooters for the same reason, but at least shooters may only waste 7-10 hours. JRPGs go on WELL past the time that they should end. My optimum JRPG would be between 30-40 hours of play. After 30 hours I'm losing interest and looking for the conclusion. Past 40 hours I'm usually just playing because I feel like I invested so much time already.

I haven't played Ni No Kuni yet, but from the videos it looks like a typical JRPG dressed up in studio Gibli art. Nothing special to me, but I could be wrong (By typical JRPG I am talking about in terms of pacing, characters, and plot. The gameplay looks like it could make up for some of that).

Posted by TommyH

Warframe is pretty cool, reminds me of the Co-op in Syndicate in a way. Hope it will turn out well in the end.

Posted by Bistromath

David Koch is one of the Koch brothers and yes, he does donate to/fund a lot of PBS programs.
Koch Media isn't related to the Koch brothers and is HQ'd in Germany.

Posted by altairre

About 40 minutes in I have to say that I loved all the random Internet talk. Great entertainment.

Posted by Jnorman

Bombcast!....the only thing that really gets me through my work week really.

Posted by Potter9156
Posted by Deadlydog

Whats a reviewer card? lol, Jeff seems to feel very strongly about this.

Posted by SuperJoe

I just want business hours, a menu, pictures, and the average star rating. It's annoying reading the phrase "to die for" in every other Yelp review.

Posted by Bell_End

@Deadlydog said:

Whats a reviewer card? lol, Jeff seems to feel very strongly about this.

its a card for reviewers

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Sounds like Yelp is America's TripAdvisor. I believe TripAdvisor is way more popular in the UK, plus TripAdvisor was founded 4 years before Yelp.

The whole point of restaurant reviewing is that it's done anonymously. Any self-respecting restaurant would know immediately if people are claiming to be "reviewers", which is entirely unprofessional. A true restaurant review is written without telling anyone in the restaurant.

Posted by Soviet666

- Patrick, did you played anything?

- Katie is out of town, so I wasn't eating very well.


Posted by Rodiard

A PSA on the perils of butt-chugging. Only on Giant Bomb.

Posted by sonicrift

I review places on Yelp when I've had a really bad or really good experience. Jeff has apparently had a lot of luck at restaurants, because I've been to a couple where you just don't get any food. My girlfriend has dietary restrictions, and Yelp reviews can help give us an idea whether or not she'll be poisoned after disclosing said restrictions, because some places and some servers just don't care.

Just like Metacritic and games, you can't just look at the user reviews and know if something is good or not. There's plenty of douchebags that clutter the system with petty garbage, and everything you guys read on the bombcast was douchetastic.

I've been to a Yelp Elite event at a fancy restaurant that served appetizers and a giant roast pig with as much free beer as you could drink. It was all very strange. They were giving out Yelp swag. Now, every time I log in, they ask me to review the place, but I refuse. I didn't eat there. They got me drunk, but I don't owe them anything.

Posted by jonnybob


Guelph (Gwelf) is real, there's a university there.

Posted by Piqued_Interest

Need animated segment of Drobot conversation.

Posted by ike7779

I like Wake Up Club. Maybe just because I got a gold trophy on the second day. It beats using my iPhone as an alarm, and makes it harder to snooze.

Posted by MeatSim

Yea I have never used Yelp. I like to try places myself and I have people I can trust to recommend new places.

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Japanese speaker who owns the DS version of Ni no Kuni here. Both versions of the game feature similar plotlines to my knowledge (I haven't played the PS3 version beyond the demo yet), but they have their differences that set them apart so the PS3 version isn't a complete retread. Likewise, the gameplay in the DS version is completely different in terms of battle mechanics; it's basically a mixture of turn-based combat with a grid-based positional system that influences offensive and defensive stats, all wrapped up in monster catching and raising. That last bit is also obviously featured in the PS3 game, but is contextualized differently given all the other surrounding mechanics. I don't know who's been saying the DS version was bad or boring, though. I personally thought it was entertaining and well-made as somebody who barely plays any Japanese-developed RPGs anymore; it's not a mind-blowing experience and your mileage will naturally vary because the gameplay definitely uses a lot of familiar tropes, but coupled with the Ghibli art and music, there are certainly worse games to play. I like at least owning a physical copy of the book without having had to buy an arbitrary special edition like with the PS3 edition in North America and Europe.

Posted by kunoh

Yet another Bombcast where my turkey-baster knowledge has been expanded by leaps and bounds.

Posted by johnsonic7

@MisterSamMan said:

All this Ni No Kuni talk makes me wish Brad, Patrick, and Ryan would play Persona 4 Golden.

We need to get these guys on as many flights/bus rides as possible. It's the only way.

Posted by WeaponBoy

I did the Lightning Plains and even built a god damned system for it. Do 25 dodges, then take a 5-10 minute break to calm down. Repeat. Got up to around 190 and then I got hit.


I just crafted a weapon for Lulu with identical mods. All I missed out on was the 9999 damage unlock for Ixion. Fucking Ixion, I used him like three times.

Posted by sween24

Giantbomb really hate the welsh, accidentally shitting all over them. Which is understandable, horrid sheep-shaggers.

Posted by MjHealy

That Yelp conversation was the best. Had me cracking up when walking on the way to school this morning

Posted by fooyee

Bullying is a great word for the Yelp world we live in today, but I guess that's just how things are going to be from now on.

As a developer on the iTunes store, we get reviews like "I love the game, but I want "X" feature. Add this feature and I'll change my review score" 1 Star. WTF

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@sonicrift said:

I review places on Yelp when I've had a really bad or really good experience. Jeff has apparently had a lot of luck at restaurants, because I've been to a couple where you just don't get any food.

Sorry what?

Posted by david3cm

I can hear the Patrick's cadence in Vinny's voice and it bumbs me out.

Posted by Pezen

Holy shit, funniest fucking episode in a long time. Anal vodka consumption, Drobot going over the edge, and so on. Had me laughing like crazy at work. Good stuff all around. Video games, huh?

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Posted by Chaoskiller2000

Guys there are plenty of ways to still play and enjoy JRPGs and an adult I do it all the time and yes I have a life. Anyways you just have to realize that its going to take more than a few weeks to beat it. It may take you a month or a few months depending on how much time you spend weekly on it. You just play them slower than other games like FPS which take a weekend or less to finish. IDK I don't see there being a real excuse with time when you can easily play in small spurts.

Posted by Puaru

http://www.yelp.com/biz/fuji-japanese-and-mongolian-barbeque-petaluma Here's that fucking awesome Ryan Davis Mongolian BBQ.

Posted by Vedesten

@sungahymn: I sprained both my middle fingers flipping off this comment.

Posted by GodlyOne

I get endless joy out of Nuke references.

@Puaru said:

http://www.yelp.com/biz/fuji-japanese-and-mongolian-barbeque-petaluma Here's that fucking awesome Ryan Davis Mongolian BBQ.

Awesome, I was hoping someone would dig that review up. It's fitting that he used his vomiting review picture as an avatar.

Posted by Fistfulofmetal

I was listening to them talking about Halo and was doing something in the backround then all of a sudden i heard Vinny talking about shoving a turkey baster up your ass.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I now know far more about the consumption of alcohol via shoving a turkey baster up your posterior than I ever wanted to know. Thanks Giant Bombcast!

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Fuck, Brad's description of the 3 Facebook friend archetypes was so goddamn spot on. I've got my activity feed filled with exactly these three people - newborn kid or marriage photos/"I'm so happy!!!!" alternating with "I haven't slept for 2 months! Why the fuck did I get a kid?", anti-feminist/anti-immigrant/alternative medicine/conspiracy theory madness and people posting shit about sports teams.

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by Sammo21

Pro-Tip JG...some of the PSN downloadable titles have platinum trophies.

Posted by Winsord

@BigDaddy81 said:

@simian: 01:48:58

Thanks a bunch!

Posted by axxiomatiq

Ok ok ok so this "toys to life" thing. Where's lego on this? They have toys. They have games. LEGO.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

: Cuz those people won't listen when we drop SMT recommendations. Soul Hackers...

Posted by falling_fast

Ryan hitting it out of the fucking park

Posted by Legion_

Level of exitement:


Posted by falling_fast

is it bad that I prefer their joke Halo plot to the real thing :/

the "plot" of the Halo series is incredibly boring

Posted by scaramoosh

@sungahymn: Erm they warn you, just skip it.