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Posted by mnzy

@mrpandaman said:

@Krakn3Dfx said:

4 minutes and 40 seconds. These podcasts just keep getting longer and longer.

How does this affect giantbomb.ru? There should totally be a seaserpent.giantbomb.ru

Actually it's gamebomb.ru

But yes, what will happen to our Russian doppelgangers...?

They still have a very old Giant Bomb design anyway.

Posted by superkebabi

I hope they start using sound effects now (not really i actually hope they don't eff that Adam Carrolla B.S.)

Posted by 1p

Thanks for giving a shit!

Posted by singateco


Posted by Rumped


Edited by Jack_Lafayette

I had to look up from this Tony Montana-sized pile of coke to make out what Jeff was saying.

Posted by Jackel2072
Posted by gigantus

i want the song. where to get ?

Posted by TooWalrus

@JeffGoldblum said:

@AngeTheDude said:

@aznjon12 said:

Fuck man, drugs!


Ah, thanks- that was really bothering me.

Posted by chrismafuchris

Is the redesign going to break the site for my iPod Touch or has that been addressed?

Posted by Zawa

Do not not do drugs people

Edited by DougQuaid

Brand new code, a whole new world.


Good to know

Edited by Ganthet2814

The site looks great guys. Now if it would just work.

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Edited by Jamsque

New site is great but now I want new bombcast. I am such a demanding user.

Posted by Bigheart711

Holy. Crap. <3

Posted by zekebefree

Liking the layout already. Thanks alot guys for the great content.

Posted by arjybarjy

Funnily enough I listened to this on my Zune.

Edited by Max_Cherry

I listened to this on my Betamax.

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