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Posted by sgthalka

Yikes. Doesn't quite have the magic of the first bombcast. (Sorry!)

Posted by Eli

What is the theme for this? It's cool. I actually like it better than BombCast's.

Posted by GioVANNI

:O  Old podcast music ftw.

Posted by BlackWaterCO

old skool

I downloaded this to my Zune

Posted by gosukiller

Streetcasting XD Genius..

Posted by lemon360

dualshock 2 owns

Posted by ZettaSlow

Word bitch! We out!! should be at the end of every podcast, ever.


Posted by Ninja

Ha it's funny hearing Alex talking about never being on TV.
Oh how things have changed.

Posted by supermike6

I like when Alex's voice echoes because he sounds like God.

Posted by Tuggah
@supermike6: It sounded the best when he yelled stop fighting
Edited by Anwar

2008 here I come.

Posted by fiftiethmitch

Good lord. So, this is how it all started...

The origins of the best non-pornographic thing on the entire internet. Even Jim Sterling thanks God for these guys.

Posted by RonGalaxy

So much has happened since this



Posted by Emoney244

RIP Ryan