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Posted by gulinotm

Fucking miss Ryan

Posted by justis77

why start with gatorade and continue to porn???

Posted by Jayxeno

Going to try to listen to every bombcast. One a day till I catch up.

Let's see how it goes.

Posted by johnbakosh

God Bless Ryan Davis

Edited by ares0926

I remember finding this after the Gamespot Exodus and was so thrilled Jeff was doing something and it was with Ryan. They talked about dumb shit and it was so much fun. I remember buying a Gatorade Tiger just to compare my experience. The drink segments were the best.

All these months later the Giant Bomb rolls on but will never be the same.

Ryan Davis RIP

Posted by Smallville123

Oh gosh remember when the podcast had a drinks segment. :/ miss you duder.

Posted by ultrapeanut

I spent so many weeks that year walking around my neighborhood either listening to Ryan and Jeff talk about energy drinks or listening to something I wished was Ryan and Jeff talking about energy drinks. I wish I could stand to listen to this right now. <3

Edited by clumsyninja1

Podcast endurance, ready set go!!!!

Also, Ryan is the most amazing human being EVER.

Requesta in pace!!!!

Posted by RuthLoose

Ah, the days before Zoujirushi (smell the quality), Will Smith, Buckner and Garcia composing a song about GiantBomb.com, endurance runs, and most importantly the Giant Bombcast.

You will be deeply missed Ryan T. Davis.

Posted by Dryker

Death is only a beginning...

"That which is dead does not eternal lie, for with strange eons, even death may die."

- H. P. Lovecraft

Posted by Ontheocho

Wanted to come back to where it all began. It felt like a good way to remember him...

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

Although he is gone like Beta and HD-DVD, Ryan Davis will never be replaced by something superior.

Posted by Beatus

A great start. Your personality & opinions entertained so many. R.I.P Ryan.

Posted by csl316

The start of something beautiful.

R.I.P. Ryan

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Ok, lets do this!

Posted by Stimpack

Ah,what the hell, I'll start listening from the beginning.

Posted by benpursley27

Started listening to the Bombcast in 2011, and now I'm finally getting around to reliving all the magic that is the greatest podcast of all time! It's funny to think it all started with two unemployed dudes sampling bad sports drinks.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I never understood what "Arrow Pointing Down" meant...

Anyway, I have totally listened to every one of their podcasts. Duder.

Posted by joshth

My quest to listening to all of these begins...
Posted by Anwar

hell yeah never listened to this.

Edited by onarum

I've started checking  all old bombcasts (I've only started listening to it in early 2010) and I can already see that I wont regret it, the Molineax impression by Ryan made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes straight, holy shit.

Posted by Klaimore

I can't stop saying this but man i love this website

Posted by dvorak

This is so crazy to listen to now. 

Posted by dagas

I can barely believe that this was almost three years ago. I've now been following Giantbomb for about as long as I followed gamespot before Gerstmann left. Time flies...

Edited by TinyGallon

I always thought it was pronounced "Out-Triggers" instead of "Out-Riggers" as Jeff says.. Ya know, cause of the guns. And triggers..  But now I don't know what to believe!

Posted by Capt_Ventris

A time when Tiger was markatable.

Posted by mrfizzy

and so begins my quest to re-listen to all the bombcasts.  

Posted by scarace360

The granddaddy of the bombcast.

Posted by His_lane

4:34 AM Central Standard Time

Posted by lilman1101

It's so strange without Brad or Vinny.

Posted by Eaxis

I need to listen to the pilot!
Posted by Belonpopo


Posted by wwfundertaker

Listening to this brings back good memories.

Posted by Tuggah

I love how the taste test was like wine testing in the movie Sideways.

Posted by Hot_Karl

I remember listening to this when I was a wee freshman in College. Way before I knew what a "Giant Bomb" was. 
Great times.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment


Posted by havelava

I have commented here

Posted by Romination

I am just expressing sadness that the Gatorade Tiger brand is going out because God forbid the company be related to the pervert.
I loved those flavours...

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Still love this podcast. The amount of taste-testing is awesome.

Posted by Dante369

So this is how it all began...

Posted by natetodamax

Ah, memories.

Posted by DanielJW

I remember I originally listened to this because my brother had it downloaded on the computer, and I thought it was Jeff Green and Ryan Scott. What I got was so much better.

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Happy anniversary

Posted by Daveyo520

Oh I remeber these days.
Posted by KillaMaStA
@redeye1984 said:
" Just 12 Comments on the birth of the greatest Podcast ever? "
There were hundreds but they were lost when the site launched.
Posted by VisariLoyalist


Posted by redeye1984

Just 12 Comments on the birth of the greatest Podcast ever?

Posted by RipTheVeins

man, the people bitching about the Swedish candy segment a few weeks ago should listen to this.  I love when they get mad off topic.

Edited by Death_Burnout

I just noticed something, All podcast comments have been reset! :O

Never mind, they've returned!

Posted by Coltonio7

Vintage is always great.

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