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Posted by Wahnsinn

Well done gents.

Posted by NoXious

Brad's facial hair makes GiantBomb a 5 out of 5 stars website.

Posted by nnilley

woop woop!

Posted by Wehooo

Å is pronounced "oh". Its yu-meh-oh, Umeå.
And now you know.

Posted by Raspinudo

bombcast always cheers me up

Posted by Death_Burnout
@simian said:
" Holy God I'm laughing my ass with the AC2 references about the time line. I always wondered what the sister was up to during that decade. "
Oh man that latter AC2 talk was hilarious!
Posted by Aaox

Awesome! My man, DREW!

Posted by Nasar7

Woah some serious bromance going on during that facial hair talk.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I'm sorry but if you say fanny un-ironically in the UK, you're an idiot, also, well done Vinny, you took the podcast to a new level and made gold at the same time!

Posted by Death_Burnout

Jeff's Mustache was great. I remember that like it was thursday...oh wait.

Posted by _Horde

Uuumeå! Umeå! Umeååå..

Posted by afrokola

Fake trees rule, they don't make nearly as much a mess!

Posted by MeatSim

Yea fake trees are best their far less of a hassle and less of a mess.

Posted by ez123
Posted by Grayvern

Pussy means exactly the same thing in england, fanny is like the primary school slang though.

Posted by Anion

As a Swede with a Å in my name I just love the pronunciation of the  letter in this podcast!

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, Vinny was the last guy I'd expect to turn things dirty. After all, he seemed so laid back!

Posted by SuperJoe

Don't fret Vinny.  The "C" word is just one of many synonyms for the bearded taco.

Posted by Dr_Who

I was looking at the nominees for the podcast awards and couldn't help but notice your in the same category as the porn identity podcast great jorb! 

Posted by Almeida69

Theres even a Pizza Hut shield in Phantasy star!

Posted by fox01313

Great bombcast, love how these last few have put in Dave & Drew in the Bombcast as really enjoyed their thoughts on games & they need to visit the bombcast more often. 

Another game that I've been playing along with Jeff that everyone @ GIantbomb should try to take on is the Williams Pinball collection for the 360. With all the love Ryan shows for pinball I'm surprised he hasn't taken this one on.

Posted by TheHBK

Damn, there is vulgar language, but don't you always notice how Vinny is the one who takes shit too far?  Damn vinny keep yourself in check man.

Posted by buzz_killington

This was an awesome Bombcast.
Posted by MonetaryDread

Posted by copycatzen

here we go ladies
Posted by Bucketdeth

Stop being such a scrooge, the tree is only once a year and takes shit all to clean up and get out of the house when your done with it.

Posted by ThatFrood

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's upper?

Posted by AdamosX2

Besides cheap tocos and fried chicken on a tuesday, New BombCasts is all i care about
Posted by CashBailey

Speaking of facial hair, Ryan really needs to grow his epic chops again.

Posted by EighthRonin

Don't forget Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012. The twisted metal killer with soundtrack by Mighty Mighty Bosstones. 

Posted by Buttes

Inquisitor sounds like a dickish profession.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

I almost choked and got no air from laughing so hard when Vinny said CUNT and the whole discussion around that. Oh my god, that was hilarious.

Posted by Elazul
@Grayvern said:
" Pussy means exactly the same thing in england, fanny is like the primary school slang though. "
Also C**t is no less offensive. Jeff probably just watched Snatch and assumed that's how people actually talk over here.
Posted by Crono
@Bucketdeth said:
" Stop being such a scrooge, the tree is only once a year and takes shit all to clean up and get out of the house when your done with it. "
Posted by ZombieHunterOG


Posted by asinyne

I completely forgot I wrote in. And yes, Bemidji is a real place.

Posted by Xanth93

Another incredible bombcast. :)

Posted by Thrust_Muscle

Dr Dre asked Ryan about a video game?!? Thats fucking awesooooooome

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Oh this is just.... oh.

Posted by Sjupp
@SJSchmidt93 said:

" Oh this is just.... oh.

That's a pretty big-ass christmas tree.
Posted by Donkeycow

  WOW! i snowed in California before it did in Toronto! DAMN SON! when i was in California it was in the winter and it was nice (14ish celsius)     

Posted by Xanth93

Brad better be back in the next Bombcast.

Posted by Korosive

Extra excited for today's bombcast. Don't even know why.

Posted by PuReCh4oS

how much longer till the new one is uploaded?

Posted by Yagami
Usually is up between 3-4 hours from now.
Posted by Emandudeguyperson

How much longer until the Bombcast uploads? I came all the way down to my Hotel's Buisness Center to see if the podcast was uploaded, headphones and all.
Posted by Milkman

I'm actually not sure if there is going to be a podcast this week.

Posted by Dizzyhippos
@Emandudeguyperson: normally around 10pm est everyone once in a while its earlyer then that
Posted by DavidM
Posted by drowsap

And my wait begins