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Posted by garion333

This was a surprise. Lookin forward to tonight's.

Posted by UncleBenny

a bombcast a day? I may just fill my pants with excitement.

Posted by s7evn

Good work, now go report on the news of the E3!

Posted by JoelTGM

there's a company here already called "Kinect" ... exact same spelling. 

Posted by Baggykins

got a feeling I should have watched that instead...

Posted by luce

I hate all of you! Dammit!  

Posted by buzz_killington

Joey's face!

Posted by thomasonfa

I want to see it live. Anyway, thanks for doing the vid.

Posted by Jadeskye

poncho wheelchair gerstmann. No one is more authentic.

Posted by bonbolapti

I like the setup yesterday. like it was a public access channel.

Posted by Six

looking for a beard...

Posted by Karmann

day zero podcast...??? It'll probably go up "early morning" eastern time, won't it..??  :-S

Posted by Dryker

The podcast is live. So to those worried it'll go up too late, they would have to be shooting it pretty late. Which I doubt.
Posted by Dryker

I don't Twitter. Anybody have an ETA on the live podcast tonight?
Posted by zleilndka

That event sounds soo awkward...

Posted by Dryker

ummm, where's everybody waiting for the Day Zero live cast? I feel like I'm watching paint dry.
Posted by mazik765

Can't wait for more!

Posted by Dryker

There is someone breathing here!
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@Ryan said:

EDIT:  fuck!

Ahahah that was epic!
Posted by Woodroez
@Dryker said:
" I don't Twitter. Anybody have an ETA on the live podcast tonight? "
The twitter feeds of the staff of GB should be on the homepage for you. Anyway, I don't think they've said anything for the past 12 hours or so now, so...dunno.
Posted by Kevers


Posted by Raven_Sword

I assue wer going to get a bombcast tonight? Are are they going to have a huge one tomorrow to talk about all the conferences in one go?
Posted by Karmann

Any news on the day zero podcast...??

Posted by sociald1077


Posted by sfighter21

Love Special Bombcasts!!

Posted by Cerogravian

Actually think this time might be an improvement. It's wonderful to get to follow the Giant Bomb through all of this.

Posted by CyleMoore


Posted by Alphiehyr

Great video.

Posted by Darghan

lots of listening pleasure

Posted by DrPockets000

Impressed with everything so far.

Posted by Xanth93

Kinect still doesn't interest me.

Edited by Max_Hydrogen

The term is Québécois, for instance:  

Vinny is an Italian-American, not a wap. 
Brad is a Southerner, not an inbred redneck.
Ryan has a Welsh or an English name, not a taffy or limy one.
And of course, Jeff is suburban, not a fat wigger.
See what I mean? You know who else were a sensitive people? Blacks during segregation and the Irish under British tyranny were also a bit sensitive; so were the Greeks, oops, I mean Hellenic Turks in the Ottoman Empire.
That echo effect made is sound like you were bombcasting from beyond the grave. Your description of that show sounds like an acid trip but I bet it would make a better game than Deadly Premonitions. It sounds like you haven't enjoyed E3 in while; is it the Christmas of video games?
Nous vaicrons!

Posted by Roomrunner

The Kinect recap was the funniest thing I have ever heard on the Bombcast.  Listened to it twice yesterday.  Epic moment right up there with Lincoln Force and "I own a wii"

Posted by EnSabac