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Posted by Gizmo

Reasonably Early-Cast.

Posted by fatpat268

In Black Ops, I also never heard of these napalm barrels. I looked it up though, and I just fought my way past that part. If you keep moving up and shooting dudes, eventually they stop spawning without you having to use the napalm.

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

early early early

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SC2 HELL YES.   They could never stop talking about the GSL and I would keep listening.  GSL 4 LIFE.
Also I am beyond pumped for Brotherhood after watching the single player QL.  SO GOOD.

Posted by MacGeorge

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I concur with Vinny about the CoD campaigns.  
Also, I really hope that Assassin's Creed III does not have most of the gameplay in modern day. I don't think it'll work. 

Posted by natetodamax

Yeah, another Earlycast!

Posted by Fontelroy

I can't wait to see the korea footage, love me that sc2 xD

Posted by Potter9156

So Ryan is alive? Good.

Posted by General_D23

I need to get in on AC: Brotherhood. Sounds awesome.

Posted by neoepoch
@nail1080: Thanks.
Posted by Smokay

Cant wait to see all vids from Korea

Posted by TaoistToast

Thank you guys for making Tuesdays tolerable.

Posted by jelekeloy

I never kicked the barrels .

Posted by 234r2we232

If there were more reason for me not be interested in this new Assassins Creed... more of the awful hoodie wearing protagonist and hoaky 2.0 interface. Thanks for the warning, guys :)

Posted by Milkman

Why did no one tell me this was up?!

Posted by Kjellm87

I don't think the it's on like Donkey Kong trademark is that big of deal

Posted by cwdawg1224

I never even knew about the barrel problem until now.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Sweet, time for some Bombcast and WoW, always a win!

Posted by LiquidSwords

Needed this!

Posted by WholeFunShow


Posted by Dany

god damn, i need to get ACII:B

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

I can't wait for the SC2 footage. Sounds really interesting.

Posted by fox01313

Would be amusing to me at least for Assassin Creed 3 to be caveman times or someone like Abraham Lincoln trying out some new covert steampunk tech of him jumping into Desmond.

Posted by Forever

more like yawncraft

Posted by dcorsentino

Thanks Brad! LOVED the Starcraft story, VERY interesting!!!

Posted by MistaSparkle

You people all act like there's a new Bombcast...THERE'S A NEW BOMBCAST!? Yipee!

Posted by biggest_loser
@Forever:  Man! You are SO FUNNY! I wish I was part of your comedy department! Yawn-craft! Get it?! Instead of Starcraft cause he finds it boring?! 
Posted by Zolfe

Im soooooooooo down for the SC2 vids

Posted by SuperKcross

Really wanna see that hour long footage on the SC2 team dorms.

Posted by Forever
@biggest_loser: wooo man, chill. i didnt mean to insult your favorite game
Posted by StarvingGamer
@Forever: Yes you did
Posted by Raven_Sword

Im Playing Buhrotherhood right now. havent done the Exclusive PS3 DLC yet.

Posted by rjayb89

A giant bomb in 212?  LOCK THIS SHIT DOWN.

Posted by Zolfe

I love that vinny went "BWAAAAHH" when the AC stuff started to seem like Inception, cause thats what went through my head at the exact same time

Posted by MegaGoat

The first hour of the Bombcast is brought to you by Activision

Posted by Xcessive

I just thought the part with barrels was messed up. But I still made it through, almost at the cost of a controller... and my sanity.

Posted by reptilia_kun

vinny playing games with his dad. you are a role model.

Posted by Fjordson

Absolutely loving the Starcraft II talk. Really cool how big a sport it's become over in the East.

Posted by kollay

"Was SNSD there?"

Oh, Jeff!


Posted by Popogeejo

I'm not into SC2 but I love hearing of crazy gambits people pull off in any kind of game so that 90 second match sounds great.

Posted by iGeMiNix
@kollay: Yeah, I love SNSD, although their latest single in my opinion isn't as catchy as the others.
Posted by SkinnyBlue

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Bombcast FTW. :D

Posted by HyTechTurtle

I have not listened to the other gotta catch up!

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SNSD namedrop in the Bombcast. 
I am happy. 
@iGeMiNix: I think their new single is way better than anything else they've released this year.    

Posted by BBQBram

It's on like Jumpman! Wait...

Posted by dsd21

Okay all those who bitched about Brad spending "YOUR" subscription money by flying to South Korea, you can fuck off now. Can't wait for the footage, sounds like you had a blast Brad. :)

Posted by ninjalegend

It's on like Konkey Dong.  The Waluigi of the Nintendo ape world.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Nintendo is making sure that it is on as if it were Donkey Kong