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Posted by ChrisInCali

New seems like a good fit.... so far.

Posted by Duffyside

A little late, but what the heck: great Bombcast this week. It's helpful when the industry is all abuzz with events, news and releases; gives a lot to talk about and keeps the energy up.

Posted by Jayzz
@Rongaryen said:
" @Darknaut said:
" Patrick was awesome, as was the rest of the cast! All this Mortal Kombat talk is driving me insane, I really need to get my hands on that game. "
Only reason I own MK now is of so much Giant Bomb coverage of it.  It's Jeff's fault I'm playing quality products. "
Patrick fit right in, was a great addition.
Posted by the_purgatory_station

$20 Wii bit did me in
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Posted by Zamir
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

@Brendan said:

I liked Patrick on the 'cast. He should come on once in a while.

@voltan said:

I hope he doesn't become a regular quest on the podcast.

Heh.....this is all very funny in retrospect.

Posted by Kerafyrm