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Posted by dannyodwyer

DAIM bars are sold in the UK and Ireland too, used to be called 'DIME' until about a year ago:

Posted by RipTheVeins

lol they timed that count-down PERFECTLY for Ryan.

Posted by Xymox


Posted by Tiwi

no, daim has always been daim.

Posted by MeatSim

You should sell tapes of this for 9.99 plus shipping and handing.

Posted by BlueMonk3y

I must try some of the this so called "candy"

Posted by Cloudwork

We have Daim bars in Uk too, they're nice

Posted by Death_Burnout

No they WERE Dime in the UK, not now though.

And enough of this Daim talk...i already covered the basics! do you people ever read!?

Posted by MartinG

How is the salty candy market in the US?

Posted by BloodStaindWings

Daim bars are heaven

Posted by musdy


Posted by Wright

foreign guests bearing foreign sweets makes the bombcast oh so more enjoyable. when ryan tried the hockey powder...that was some great podcasting.

Posted by Xymox

Man this was a great bombcast episode. :>

Posted by Nicholas

Here's the picture of the Swedish Candy Jeff was talking about, ya big fuckin' baby. He did post it somewhere. Maybe you should consider following Jeff on twitter.

Posted by coonce


Posted by Meltbrain

What the hells, have the comments been reset? That's weird...

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

can't wait for another bombcast tonight!!!!!

Posted by stephengotlost

These Swedish guys are hilarious. I hope to hear them again on the BombCast.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n


Posted by flakhoe
Posted by JQuizzle

i wish some place in the info you could have told us when you stopped talking about the candy just and idea!! but other wise I'm waiting for the next show!Have to with Sun King on this one!!!

Edited by Death_Burnout

Haha it's as if my constant comments were too much...

I'm sorry, but the candy testing was awesome, i hope the staff aren't discouraged in the future.

Posted by Jixashauser

Swedish candy is AWESOME I TELLS YA!

Posted by MrGetBonus

Oh psh the candy shit was hilarious. Keep it up.

Edited by stephengotlost

The jokes made during the candy taste testing were hilarious.

Posted by destruktive

I love the fact that you're sitting there explaining what some of the candy I've eaten all my life taste like :D

I'm Norwegian but we and sweden got a lot of the same candy (with some name difference)

Posted by p01nt

To bad the guys didn't like all the Swedish candy! :)

Edited by Death_Burnout

Swedish Candy test test appreciation! alright!

Posted by Jack_Daniels

The candy part was great, If I was looking for straight facts about video games I'd find a bulleted news site. This is much more fun.

Edited by DarkHomer

Hey, where did all the comments go?!

Also, yes. The candy part was amazing. Best 40 minutes evar.

Posted by buzz_clik

Not only do we get two Fight Club references in one podcast ('you can drink it'), but that's two Sneakers references in as many weeks!


Posted by musdy

Is there gonna be a GDC episode???

Posted by spiredcrescent

Wow Mt. Sterling i didn't know anyone from kentucky listened to this.  cool

Edited by LiveOrDie1212

yes, there will be another podcast today.....hopefully

Edited by Death_Burnout

According to Jeff's twitter...todays Podcast just might be epic...and i mean epic. I believe it will feature Greg Kasavin and Paul Barnett (and more) if that picture is the "Bombcast"

Posted by Meltbrain

@Death_Burnout - Oh man. If that's the case, I am STOKED!

Posted by RedRoach

 fuck yea death burnout

Edited by Death_Burnout

Yeah tell me about it, i don't like to speculate, but yeah! it's like the PAX podcast sequel.

heres the image, this is probably the bombcast. I dunno! my mind is blown.

Posted by GreggD

Whatever, you guys posting here just don't appreciate awful sounds as the result of horrible candy. It makes great radio, in my opinion.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Hey, you know i do at least.

Waiting for this Epic-Cast is taking forever!

Posted by halfameatball

Loved the show. I enjoy listening to you guys on my way to school. Keep eating bad candy and drinking energy drinks, I think you guys can talk about anything and be entertaining. Also I kind of enjoy hearing the video game related news, ok I really enjoy it. Keep it up.

Posted by AllanIceman

Amazing Candy Review!

Posted by dsplayer1010

That guy sure does like the word "shit" a lot.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

c'mon! new bombcast please!!

Posted by Milkman

Jeff says the guys are on their way home to post the podcast. Probably still gonna be a little bit.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Yay I hope they don't have to render it for too long or something. Also, since it got deleted, a Djungelvral music video I found when you look it up on youtube!


Posted by Milkman

Jeff says two hours until the podcast goes up. And to that, I say bed.

Posted by LAMP

You know there's no timestamp, right?

Posted by Ossi

Stop podcrastinating guys! ZING!

Edited by HatKing

Looking forward to a more podcastic week than usual but I don't think I can spend the night reloading this page...not any longer.  Guess I'll just have something to look forward tomorrow on my day off. ; )

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