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Posted by mossman93

SunKing can suck it.  This is a should be the blueprint for the perfect bombcast.  Taste test, Special Guests, Epically long, Games, Non-Games.  Not necessarily in that order.  Thanks for a great show guys.

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

ill take the shell because it looks the biggest and i hate myself...

Posted by killdave

Damn I think I cried a little :p

So funny

Posted by Rodiard

100% agree with the hate for Rico.  After the last chapter in Killzone 2 I hated him, not because of the events that unfold, but because of his incompetency.  His cliched, cheesy dialog and even the voice acting really gets under my skin.  Overall he's just a really annoying character.

Posted by ternim

Awesome podcast. Since I'm Swedish I knew all the candy that was being eaten. When the Hockeypuck came up I knew where that was gonna go. Laughed my head off! All that I wish was that it was filmed! You guys should introduce the video BombCast!

Posted by Genjai

Hil-arz. officially, guys, THAT was the funniest podcast ever. ...got a lot of strange looks at work when I was laughing my bojangles off.

Posted by Smersh

Didn't really know much about Grin before this bombcast but after listening to it I just had to purchase BC: Rearmed. Thanks Grin & hats off to The Bomb. Top notch entertainment.

Also, would love to see an updated episode of 'How to Build a Bomb'...

Edited by Shuborno

To the Giant Bomb staff:
You should be ashamed to suggest skipping Half-Life 1 is a reasonable option for the gamer who asked for your input.

Not only does Half-Life 1 continue to play well, but there are many elements of Half-Life 1 that are arguably better than Half-Life 2.  (HL1's level design is top-notch, and while the scripted nature of HL2 makes for many cool moments, it's a much more linear game.)  They took HL2 somewhere different (but good), so it's not as if HL1 is simply a lower-res inferior version.

Posted by VipeR

Shout out from Sweden!
Awsome episode! One of my top favs :D

Posted by NotGerry
NIce cast...but I am a little dissapointed with no "I have a Wii" comment from Jeff during all the Wii-talk.  Oh well
Posted by Media_Master


Posted by sjolle

ooh yeeah ... that whas some dam nice emprecions of the coolaid man ;)

Posted by Vod_Crack

GRIN are awesome.

Posted by Ziaxool

Americans have puny cheek muscles!

Posted by longevitous

 A shame that you had to shut down GRIN. You guys are awesome. I know we'll be hearing from you again.

Posted by SkylinePigeon

Honest to God I think this is the best Bombcast ever.  I laughed SO HARD.  I love these cursin' up a storm Swedes!!

Posted by natetodamax

Can't believe I missed this podcast. The hockey powder segment was amazing.

Posted by abara

super late pass on this (in the midst of my quest to listen to all the bombcasts) but these Swedish dudes are great! always a treat when the guests fit right in with the Giant Bomb guys.

Posted by Anwar

Amazing guests, podcasts with guests are always amazing and hilarious

Posted by cooljammer00

Did the GB guys have a good relationship with the GRIN guys? When's the last time the Bombcast had two guests from a game studio on the show? And guys NOT named Greg Kasavin?

Posted by Ghostiet

Ulf Andersson on this show cracks me up, because he exists in my mind solely as Wolf from Payday.