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Posted by Trilogy

Call Of Duty: Ghosts! 1:08:00


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Call Of Duty: Ghosts! 1:08:00

Posted by Anwar

Rich Gallup should be on the podcast more often. Still a bummer to hear about 38 studios now. Lincoln Force is the complete opposite and not a bummer at all.

Posted by GenocidalKitten

Slowly I'm listening to the whole backlog of bombcasts.

Lincoln Force?

Posted by lumberingjackal

Just got my t-shirt. w00t!

Posted by PredatorPT


Posted by Death_Burnout

i love these botched quest attempts

Posted by ZenGaijin

Still waiting on this damn game. Don't tell me it doesn't exist! A man can dream can't he?!?!

Posted by MichaelBach

Lincoln Force

Posted by FrenchFriedFool

Can't wait for Lincoln Force 2

Posted by EnSabac


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Lincoln Force

Posted by Demonstride

Lincoln Force Assembelate?

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

Lincoln Force Rising.

Posted by Derekh1029

Lincoln Force FTW!!!

Posted by Coleslaw893

May the Lincoln Force be with you.

Posted by PowerCosmic

LincolnForce Go!

Posted by RobertFoster

Fox Force Five!
No wait - Lincoln Force!

Posted by TheShaneTrane

Do i win?

Posted by jford

LINCOLN F.O.R.C.E.!!!!!!!!

Posted by jford


Posted by Satsugai

Lincoln Force Is the new Duke Nukem Forever.

Posted by C0V3RT

Make it so number 2... Lincoln Force for the win!

Posted by killerjt

Is this what I need for the quest?

Posted by iFail

Lincoln Force woo!

Posted by jamr_mx

 Go lincoln force.    

Posted by zurichazure

Toll Boothe Willy

Posted by Darghan


Posted by Perspicacity1

The Force of Lincoln never disappoints.

Posted by CrazyCannuck

I can defeat the controller

Posted by DeadFish

I hope LF will support Kinect and Move, otherwise how will I know that I'm reallyl IN the game?

Posted by Bennyishere

Lincoln Force disappoints.

Posted by sociald1077

Moar Bombcast!

Posted by Frostler

Lincoln Force   *braces for impact*

Posted by adoggz

i really enjoyed this bombcast

Posted by Jayross
Posted by bigscottie

Lincoln Force

Posted by bigscottie

I have some great enemy design ideas for Lincoln Force.

Posted by AZChristopher

Lincoln Force....

Posted by GEP

the force is strong

Posted by Shuborno

There seems to be a lot of interest in Lincoln Force.

Posted by Kohryu


Posted by Valwryn

Hrm.... I wonder

Posted by cjcox

Lincoln returns for E3!

Posted by papercut
Posted by Demonstride

Go lincoln force.

Posted by ZombiePie

This is Lincoln?

Posted by effjay

I'll wait for Lego Lincoln Force.

Posted by megaplushie

Lincoln FORCE

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 Lincoln Force The Emancipation Proclamation.