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Posted by Brackynews

Like many folks here I'm a GS reader expatriot, and have been watching the Bomb tick (Arrow Pointing) down since the first days the blog arrived.  Not being a forum thread guy, I'm thoroughly drawn to user-generated content, and when the writer or editor bug kicks in, I'm finding this to be a helluvalot more fun than futzing on Wikipedia.  Moderation in all things.

I like the idea of alignment in a site membership.  When I signed up to Comic Vine it was a simple choice of good or evil.  Cliche but OK.  Meanwhile the game industry is more like nationalism; it's not taking sides, it's taking prides.  With so many stalwarts and noobwarts making their allegiances known, why not just colour code our name to let the venom be visible in every written word! :)  Awesome.  The only way I could think to improve it is to have one letter coloured for every platform I own. 

For the record, my first console was an Atari 600XL, and my current collection has nearly every platform released in the timespan between the SNES and the Wii, and then some.  Feels like I'll be forever waiting for "another PS3 price drop".  But in my heart of hearts Nintendo has treated me, personally, very well as a customer and Nintendo Power subscriber back in the good ol' days.  Their customer service and community outreach has always always been exceptional, and loyalty naturally follows from that.  Much more grounded I think than simply defending my purchase, Nintendo has actively tried to keep and reward me as a customer, since childhood.

So take it easy out there and remember "the game's the thing" no matter where the disc goes.

Posted by MisterMollusk

Oh shoot dude I have a forum thread called "Moderation in all things". That be hella cool!

Posted by NathHaw

Dude, I like you. 

I remember getting my first (and Nintendo Power's) strategy guide:  Final Fantasy.  To this day those memories stay with me.  Also, Solar Jet Man, hell yeah.  I like your taste in games and (I assume) nostalgia.  BTW, SJM is on display in my living room.  ;)