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Posted by CrazyCraven

Well just as Giantbomb is getting off the ground the IT Police here at work say “No no no, you can’t look at that”

So due to the fact the Giantbomb has the work bomb in the address it triggers a flag that automatically starts a logging program that logs all my activity on this site.  Just to access the site i need to go various security prompts put in place by my employers to stop people inadvertently accessing site that are inappropriate in the work-place. 
Well Giantbomb manages to come under :-

Firearms, explosives, terrorism, Social networking

Now ive just been clicking the “Yes, i want to access this site” button and haven’t thought anything about it, after all its just a computer game website.

Well this morning the happy people in the IT department sent me an email questioning my activity on this website. 
So unless the IT police agree that the site is inappropriately categorised my activity on Giantbomb will be limited to my own time outside of work, which totally negates the point of having internet access in work.

Imagine coming to work for the sole purpose of working. 

Posted by dannyodwyer

"Firearms, explosives, terrorism, Social networking"

haha, i hear the cops! put away that social network! :D

Posted by L

I can see why they have been questioning you - "Giant Bomb". PANIC!!

Posted by Hamz

The fuzz will be after you mate, time to make a runner!

Posted by Mijati

"Firearms, explosives, terrorism, Social networking"

Wow, that's just plain wrong, the first 3 - fine, but Social networking? They have the wrong site!

Posted by Ryu

Hide the how to build a bomb videos!

Posted by Big_Bad_Sad

They must be IGN fans.

Posted by damswedon

my collage one wont let me on because of "swear words"

Posted by BraindeadRacr

"Bill, one of our interns has been scooping around on a website called "Giant bomb", with half a dozen of videos called "How to build a bomb"."
"Good lord... Get someone from IT on this, I think I have to put DHS under speeddial..."