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Posted by Player1

First off there was over 30,000 submissions in the first two days. Have fun going through ALL of those in under 24 hours, respectively. Be patient. The que is at around 3 days right now. 

For your second paragraph...wow seriosuly?

 "So now they get all the credit and I get squat. Is that fair?"

Why is that fair??? Because he submitted it first!!!! Its the fairest possible way to do it! If they gave points to everyone for everything, everyone would be a 1000 by now. 

Ok and if they added the content first, then uploaded it? Do you realize that it only takes one user to abuse this system and the entire site is filled with porn? instead of a nice picture of master chief in the halo section youll see a naked girl....

wow think before you post man. Stop disrespected the hard working mods. And most of all stop disrespecting the main 4. There working there asses off.  
Posted by Dairyman

Be patient, man.  The site just launched and they're probably still working out kinks.  And I would guess that the mods are indeed short on help.

Posted by Timma1083

I don't think it would be a good idea to upload them first then check, cuz what if its wrong/offensive material? I think the way there doing it now is perfectly fine, but maybe something that tells anyone who is trying to edit a page whats already been submitted and whats under review would be a better idea then changing the entire system.

Posted by blizzvalve

Not only did we get forums on this site, we also have our own wiki page, and I have to say it is awful. Sure it's great that we can now edit the info for our favorite (and not so favorite) games, but there's one problem I have with it, and it is the checking system. Sure I can understand why they did this. They want to check that there isn't any plagirism, lies, or slander in any of the pages. I can understand that, but I don't understand why it takes so long for it to be checked. Are the mods short of help? This is annoying. They say it only takes 24 hours, but I have submissions that have been up in the air for days now. I have edits for the NiGHTS page and making a NiGHTS profile and it still didn't load. This is annoying.

One other problem I have with this system is you have no idea who did what unless you go to their page before it's uploaded. For example: I was going to make a Simpsons Arcade page. I looked up The Simpsons and saw that it wasn't there. I said "That's odd because the Simposns Arcade game is the best Simpsons game out there." So I decided to make a Simposns page. A couple hours later, I discovered that the Simpsons page was up, nut I didn't make it. Someone else did. So now they get all the credit and I get squat. Is that fair?

This system is really annoying and I can't stand it. I know they're doing this for a good cause, but I think they're going the wrong way with this. What I think they should do is they should use their database not to check on the files before uploading them, but to upload them and look at them afterwards. The content will be uploaded, but if the mods see what they don't like, then they can just delete it. If that's too much of a pain then I have a better idea. How about the mods assign mods for every game. These mods would be in charge of a game they edited, and if they see something they don't like, they can always edit it or delete it. The same should be said for every person, but the mod would be the head of it all. These are only my suggestions on how to make the Wikis better. I hope Gertsmann and the rest of the GB crew can take this into consideration.