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Posted by nat

She lost her shirt :(


Keeley Hazel is amazing. This blog was going to be just about her but i ended up changing it incase it was inappropriate.
Nice high heels Keeley!
I'd really like to see some feedback on the pics and if i should bother to pursue blogging about something non game related. 
I'm unsure of the rules so here are some pics, enjoy! :)))

"Keeley has skyrocketed from a rebellious, trainee hairdresser to being crowned one of the World's Sexiest Women by FHM. Her career is globally covering the whole spectrum from brands to magazines to tabloids and broadsheets hence she is the face of Sony’s Playstation 3 Edition, Formula One 06 and has most recently lead the advertising campaign for Lynx Dark Temptation deodorant. She has graced the covers both nationally and internationally of Arena, FHM, Maxim, Loaded, ZOO and Nuts (to name but a few)"  

blah blah blah :)

Hard News

I'm pretty certain that most gamers are aware of screwattack.com and or the angry video game nerd. Anyway the guys at Screwattack.com have got a daily show called “Hard News” At first I didn’t know what to expect from it, but in good old screwattack fashion, it’s extremely funny at times and becoming one of the reasons to view the site. Most episodes go for about 2 or so minutes and are highly recommended.


My Achievement Points

I’ve decided to finally work on my achievement points! I know, better late than never. Currently I’m on 9,011 and have been in the 7,000 to 8,000’s for around a year or so, only playing games for a few minutes then going back to the PC to fulfil my World of Warcraft addiction.(clean and sober for nearly a year woot). I’ve had my Xbox since 4 months after launch and it’s about time I start playing the older games in my collection.

Currently I’ve got 30ish games and 15 Xbox live arcade ones. To start it off I decided to knock off an easy one. Madden 06. I quickly got a few out of the way and am now working towards the easy but very long achievement, “Complete 30 Years of Franchise” Talk about dedication. Even though you are simulating all the games it takes for ages. Around 3 to 4 hours of nothing but siming but I’m nearly there. I think the last time I looked was in the year 2020. From there I was considering working on Hitman or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Please comment on what I should play, and also if i should post about non gaming stuff????

The Angry Video Game Nerd

The world famous nerd with his latest episode. 

Batman Part 1

Posted by Player1

haha that video is hilareous. Most more of those in the future! and a nice little suprise at the end there

Posted by ElPersonaVII

Holy fuck!! Is she in porn? :P

Posted by nat

Na she isn't in porn. She is a model from the UK, mainly topless. although she did have a sextape get stolen and that's on the net.. but doesn't everyone who's famous have a sextape?

Posted by pyromaniac

jesus christ..what did your blog say again? lol very very nice pictures

Posted by nat

Updated the blog a bit =))) soz