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Posted by el_dude

Just a few things I noticed after another day spent on the Bomb:

Query: First, I know Mjolnir, Aska, and others have brought this up, and it is a serious issue: are submissions being reviewed in the order they are received? I ask this because some of my text and screenshot submissions have been pending for 50+ hours now, while I see others' submissions going through fairly quickly. My concern is that someone else's article may get approved first even though it was submitted after mine, or that someone may post the same screenshots that I did and theirs will get approved first, so that my submissions are rejected when they are reviewed and I am deprived of points. I've PM'd a whole bunch of staff members about this, so hopefully we'll get a firm answer on the moderation order by tomorrow.

Bug: there seems to be a small bug when you go to "entire friends network" tab. I have more than 100 friends, but the site seems to be displaying only 2 pages, 50 friends per page, and no more than that.


Official response from Vinny (staff):

We have different queues for images than text so they are being processed at different rates. Other things, like minor changes, are just sometimes faster because they don't take as much time to verify or approve. For the most part though, we are going through all the major content submissions on a first come first serve basis.

The back of the queue is around 58 hours. As you can guess, we're pretty slammed, but working to get things moving faster and faster. That's one of the reasons you may see some of your submissions processed before others, as we refine our approval process.

Let me know if you have any concerns, we're definitely eager to get everyone's stuff up ASAP.


So there you have it. The official word is that the queue backlog is now 58 hours, and for the most part, submissions are being processed in the order they are received. Vinny has given me permission to post this PM and spread the word on the current queue status, so if anyone else out there wants to spread this info, feel free to do so...

Posted by Kenzo287

Yeah given the flood of submissions this isn't too much of a surprise

Posted by Aska

Sweet, thanks for the info.

Posted by treefity350

I can't blame them. 6 Staff against 20,000+ submissions and counting frantically. Hopefully they can get more people to help with submissions like *gasp*...Those dudes upstairs!!

Posted by drewm135

Man they must be swamped. They've gotta find an easier way or else we won't see as much blog content. Thanks for the info though

Posted by MasterSplinter

Thanks el_dude. I will help spread the word.

Posted by squallws

very informative blog, thanks

Posted by Mjolnir

Glad to see that even with the hectic submissions, the staff takes time to respond.  That in itself is awesome. Though some stuff is still majorly pending, this info makes the wait a lot easier. Thank you Vinny!

Posted by Guild_Master

Thanks, its good to know

Posted by Sweep

Haha we need more manpower in the Bomb Shelter! (We dont call it the bomb shelter)
But yeah thanks for the updates. Does anyone know if we will be alerted if our submissions are declined? I edited a bunch of stuff last night and nothing has happened yet, does that mean its still in the works or could it have been dismissed?

Posted by kornholio360

Well that's good to know.

Posted by Linkstr7

Great to know, Thanks ^^

Posted by NathHaw

One of the aspects about Giant Bomb I'm liking a lot so far is that the creators actually respond to questions or comments.  I've sent two PM's to Vinny and Ryan inquiring/commenting on some part or parts of the site, and both have replied.  I appreciate that a great deal.  It illustrates to me that the guys care a great deal about the site's users and their potential concerns.  I have high hopes for the future of GB.