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Posted by Demyx
Posted by wizzardjeff

thats pretty cool

Posted by Timma1083

How'd you do that? I've tried the codes and they just put text :\

Posted by wizzardjeff

i got it to work:P
i was just testing it though, ill probably take it down

Posted by kornholio360

That's awesome.

Posted by nymets819

i just tried to do it...but when i added a song....it didnt work

Posted by foolio_67

Nice :)

Posted by Dachef

Yeah it doesn't work when i try it.

Posted by dietmango

What the hell mine only shows up in text

Posted by filiwian

Nice, thanks for showing me how. I was able to get some on my profile. Btw, nice choice of music.

Posted by dev_ron

 i hope you remember that i don't listen to music, sorry mate, can't comment on your work :(
was expecting some of your art works though :)

Posted by dev_ron

can't post in your wall right now. says that
"Flood Protect Warning
You can't post right now, because our system only allows you to make two posts in a row on an object..... wait for someone else to post, then you can post after them - thx :)
btw, those works of your are amazing. simply amazing.