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Posted by Ninja
Posted by Ma7moud

I agree Crash was my favorite franchise. Now it sucks.

Posted by Clean

yea Crash just never was the same when it leaped to other consoles

Posted by blizzvalve

Crash, the main mascot for Sony with the first Playstation. He was in a ton of good games made by Naughty Dog like the 3 regular Crash games and Crash Team Racing. Then in 200, Naughty Dog was bought out by Sony and Sierra was left with nobody to produce the Crash Franchise.

The Crash that we know and love
In 2000, they made Crash Bash, an ok Mario Prty rip-off by Eurocom. Things just got worse over the years. In 2001, Telltale Games made the new Crash sequel, The Wrath of Cortex, which is considered mediocre by many reviewers. It got worse with many other games.

What really killed Crash was the last new Crash game, Crash of the Titans. Everything changed about the series. All the characters look different than they really do. The gameplay is mediocre at best. Things do not look good for Crash. I don't expect his next game to be better.

What has happened to you, Crash
You know what else is happening with Crash? He now stars in a God-Awful minigame collection on the DS called Crash Boom Bang. All the minigames are poorly made and are complete jokes compared to Crash Bash. Games are really coming out bad.

I just have to say that Naughty Dog be hanging their heads in shame right now on how bad their first creation has came out without them. The series is not itself anymore. Its been going through too many changes, and I think its time for the bandicoot to be put down.