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Posted by django

I love PC-gaming - don't get me wrong. I have no problem installing drivers. Neither do I miss gaming in a sofa.

What I do hate is ordering stuff and never getting it. Right now it's been over a months wait for my new comp, and it's the shops building of it that takes time. I can't bring myself to cancel the order either since they've corrected the price to match those of today. The graphics card is a Nvidia 9800GTX, and with the announcement of the ATI 4850/4870 here in Sweden the price was lowered quite a bit.

The problem for me is that this symptomatic of the PC world. I put away money for a new box for a long time, and was set on spending a certain amount of money for this purchase and by now that same sum could get my a noticeable better graphics card.

However, as stated, I love playing PC games. I can't wait to play Company of Heroes, Spore, TF2, Left4Dead, Crysis, Dragon Age, Dawn of War 2, HL2: Episode 3 etc. Sometimes I wish I could block out these made-for-pc games. It certainly would be easier and cheaper. But as anyone that enjoys these types of games, I know that the PC is still unmachted as an networked platform and for free user created content. It's like an abusive relationship, i truly love/hate PC-gaming.