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Posted by iamsickofspam

Ive heard many a thing about Trespasser, i need to check it out someday.

Posted by L

Reminds me of King Kong. You don't get any HUD elements and have the characters notify you when you are low on ammo. There were dinosaurs in that too. ;)

Posted by snide

Trespasser was definitely one of those weird let down games when it was released. One thing you don't get about playing it now, is that when the game shipped it was virtually unplayable and couldn't run on anything but the best computers of the time.

It did have the really cool physics and stuff though. I remember it being the first game I could ever pick up and stack crates to get past an obstacle.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Alone in the Dark did not appeal to me.  Average reviews kept me from giving it a second look as well.

No worries on the random appearance.  Drop by again!

Posted by HTTenrai

On that same note, have you given the new Alone in the Dark a whirl?

/forgive me for appearing out of nowhere. ^_^

Posted by Origina1Penguin

PS.  I felt the blog title was appropriate because you play a female character on an island with no other people.  Plus I like to make references to other media, so I justified it to myself.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

For the past few days, I've been playing some of my older games.  One benefit of playing older games is that you can see how far (and sometimes not so far) games have come.  Anyways, it's nice to keep quality in proper perspective.

Within the past couple of hours, I finished Trespasser, a game that game me nightmares years ago.  The game isn't necessarily scary, although it does seem like that was the intention before the game was rushed out the door, but rather nightmarishly bad to me before (enough so to give one nightmares of it).  After playing through the game now, it isn't as bad as I remember.  Make no mistake it is still bad, but I can see some light in its darkness.

Trespasser was definitely ahead of its time.  There is no HUD at all in the game.  Your character announces the amount of ammo in weapons when you wield them and your health is cleverly disguised as a tattoo on your left breast that becomes colored in with red as you are injured.  You also heal over time, much like recharging health in modern games.  There are several physics-based puzzles in the game as well.  However, these puzzles don't vary much and are more difficult than they should be because of the poor control system.

Seeing all of the good ideas and really bad executions of Trespasser makes me appreciate other games I own.  It allows me to look past their flaws to find what I really enjoy about them.  If this game wasn't so rushed and had a decent control scheme, I believe it would have been much more enjoyable to the masses and the players that are now stuck with the game.  Look for a full review soon.