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Posted by Terrell

So I've been playing a bunch of games this week: Call of Duty 4, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2, as well as some original xbox games Unreal Championship 2 (which I found for 5 bucks!!) SSX3, and Crimson Skies. here is my quick impressions of each.

Call of Duty 4: Just as I remember it, fast and very very very quick.  After playing this game some more, I can start to understand why people can be so into this game, but thats not saying i like it anymore. Actually the thing that I find most attractive is not any of the shooting or the feel or anything, it's the "rpg light" elements of upgrading weapons. Unfortunately nothing else really grabbed me.  Also, I;m realizing that this game is very nerd-core exclusive...basically its not for people who want to just have fun...people play this game as a sport and take it too serious, much like the game takes itself too serious.

Geometry Wars 2: I was a little skeptical when I first bought this game, but now I am completely addicted. Actually, playing this right after COD4, I came to realize that both are pretty similar. They are both arcade shooters with completely unrealistic shooting mechanics. The difference is that Geometry wars embraces its style, while Call of Duty 4 tries to slap this super realistic coat of paint over its mechanics, which just make it feel fake.  So am I saying I like Geometry Wars 2 more than COD4: Yes! But am saying that Geometry Wars takes more skill and is a better shooter overall....oh well, Yes to that too.

PLEASE Epic, bring this game back in some way, shape or form!!!
Unreal Championship 2: 4 Words: This Game is AWESOME! It didnt get much hype because it had a lot of style to it (which in the world of shooters, style = poison to "hardcore" players.  basically, this might be one of my favorite shooters. Find it at Gamestop for 5 bucks used, and then play it, and then love it!

SSX3: This is the best in the series, period. Tons of courses, Tons of unlockables, and a learning curve that is easy to newcomers but still offers late game challenge.  Again, find it, and buy it, then play it and love it.

Crimson Skies:
I just got back into this game, still assesing how I feel about it. Pretty good so far, if a little generic on the story side.  But if I had to choose either this or COD4, im picking Crimson Skies!

So yeah, thats basically my week in review.....
Also, Im waiting for Bionic Commando Rearmed!...