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Posted by ThomasP

Really though. Gameplay footage or a trailer would be great.

Posted by Vaxadrin

Monolith or Monolith Soft?  If Monolith, then I, too, am looking forward to Project Origin.

Posted by Dalai

Nintendo has been teasing us with this potential gem for over 2 years now and it's been getting some press lately.  First, Australia decides to rate the game... and an M rating at that.  Is Nintendo growing that pair of balls they lost after canning Project H.A.M.M.E.R.?  It's too early to tell, I guess.

However, there is some hope thanks to some nameless dude at Nintendo of America.  It's still in development.  Seriously, it's still in the works.  Oh happy day!  Wait... is there a release date?  No there isn't... wonderful.

Hey Monolith, I'm not saying to hurry it up... but at least throw us a bone, or lots of videos and screenshots, alright?  I want to see more.