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Posted by DBoy

I've been absent from here since Monday.  The reason for this is right here.  I really hope you guys read it, I've put a lot of work into writing it.  I hope to hear from you guys, either here or on EndSights, about the editorial.


The Force Unleashed demo tomorrow.  Yeah boy!
Posted by JamesF

Great article :) I must've watched Super Mario Bros. Movie a gazillion times.

Any idea when The Force Unleashed demo comes out? I want it NAO!

Posted by Homes

Less than 24 hours!

Posted by JamesF

Can only hope so :P

Posted by EleFlameMax

A note-perfect, excellent read. I went into it expecting a few slip-ups here and there, but it's as grammatically and structurally sound as can be. The way you wrote it, it doesn't impose any strong opinions, but instead opts to define the issue at hand: where it was and where it's headed. You're absolutely correct in your observations, but I would like to add that one of the reasons these adaptations go astray is that the structure of a story isn't always clearly defined in a video game due to the bulk of the content being game-play. The trick is to adapt the core storyline, but then add things here and there to flesh it out.


Posted by Gearhead
Posted by phlegms

Great article!
Very well written and all that jazz.

Posted by LuckyWanderDude

If I understand you correctly, you're saying movies could be inspired by a game but shouldn't try to emulate the game. If so, I agree in full as I believe it'd be impossible to turn a game's narrative (crafted around gameplay) into a good movie without serious rewriting.

Posted by ZER01

A very good peice of writing there, and a subject that has not been touched upon in a very long time. i happen to agree with your artical, i do have one exception, for me that is. I felt the resident evil movies where done very well, but please dont shoot me its only my opinion. Again great artical, and you have your own site! I dont know how you find the time what with holding down a full time job, thats dedication for you.

Posted by Quadrifoglio
Posted by giyanks22

I am downloading TFU as i type lol. Really nice writing

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Good stuff man, I found the Tomb Raider movies to be entertaining at best and goofy at the worst. Also, the first MK movie was pretty cool. I also really hope they can do Max Payne right!!

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

I played the Force Unleashed demo. In my opinion, it's okay. But for fans of Star Wars, they will love it.

Posted by visionarygs

Great article, I'm afraid to say though, without intentionally insulting industry  that I love, but too many Video games  simply don't have enough back story to last as feature films like you briefly mentioned.  I feel at times that directors are forced to add or include spins in order to help give most video game adaptations legs.  It makes it virtually impossible to please all fans under those conditions.  Advent Children worked because it was a spin off from a game that contained a lot of back story and was handled directly by Square. 

I can't remember the last time there was a video game movie based around an RPG, a genre that is based mostly around storytelling.  It always ends up being the action titles, like Resident Evil, or Doom that rely on gameplay, not the actual story (some people might disagree with Res).  Anyway enough with my rabling.  Great read once again

Posted by Artie

It took you three days to write 500 words?

And Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was a terrible movie, final fantasy related or not.

Posted by Torb

Nice article! I think if someone makes a movie based off of a videogame, oh, say, Halo, it might be beneficial to base the movie adaptation off of the book that goes along with the franchise. Halo has at least two great books that would probably make great movies given the right crew. Rather than make all new material, it'd be a lot easier to just follow the story of the book that probably 85% or more of the fanbase has never seen.