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Posted by Player1

I've considered getting that game, not sure if I'd play it though. Well see. 

Posted by toolzz360

vin...im not fond of the wii much either but it has a few good games
ohgod...i would say its worth a rental over a purchase indeed i think the game is really short

Posted by Vinchenzo

I hated the game, but then again I wasn't too fond of the Wii. Personal taste.

Posted by toolzz360

I forgot to mention my dad bought the wii game red steel when I got madden the other day.  He got it for only 6$ so we both figured it was worth a shot.

So far after playing the first 3 missions with a playtime of 1 hour 15 minutes I like the game.  It is not outsyanding but I like.  The main reason why I like it is because it is just a lot of fun to use the wii remote to shoot things.  The wii is the perfect console for shooters, and i think red steel does a fairly good job with shooting.  The game is a FPS shooter set in the U.S and later Japan which deals with the killing of a Yakuza mob boss and the kidnapping of the main charecters girlfriend.  Basically you play as an american who must learn the Japanesse way and save his girlfriends.  So far the story has been serviciable but it is nothing special.  

The action in the game is pretty fast-paced and like I said it is a lot of fun to play.  The level designs and enviorments are also servicible, and one location inside a "massage parlor" turns into not a message parlor but a japaneese brothel.  The game really doesn't have any cutscenes, just short hand drawn comic sequences between levels.  Most of the story is told while the action is going on and teh game does a good job of telling it.  

The worst part of the game is teh graphics which look like a decent ps2 game and is pretty much borderline crap for the wii.  I can live with shoddy graphics because the game is fun and graphics really isnt that important to me.  The sound and voice acting are not teh greatest but i dont have much of a problem with that either.  I am getting teh impression that the game will be short, and I do not like short games, i like to play vast longer games.  

Right now I am giving Red Steel a 7.5/10 or 3.5/5