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Posted by giyanks22

that is hilarious. i would have given up pretty fast.

Posted by LtColJaxson

I would get to frustrated to play through that!

Posted by Dj

I wish there was more from this guy. He's plain awesome.

Posted by mubress

cool video, plus I haven't seen it before so even better!

Posted by LuffyUzumaki


Posted by WallacetheGreat

Wow, I forgot about this video. Still funny as always. :)

Posted by Hexogen

Have you seen the Asshole Mario videos? They're similar to this, except the mod is for Super Mario World and there's no funny banter during the videos.


I could never complete one of these levels. I get pissed off just watching these videos.
Posted by darthzew

I would like to play that level. Holy crap, that's awesome.

Posted by Artie

That video is a year old, and I didn't find it funny the first time I saw it :/

Posted by JamesF

Yeah that video's classic.

Posted by Player1


This video is a super mario bros. mod, where it turns a regular level into masocore. If your wondering what that is, it would probably be helpful to check out that page first. This dude in the vid is hilarious, and though its long, I would recommend watching the whole thing. He gets funnier every minute. 

EDIT- I realize this is old. Did I ever say it was new? If you've seen it, I'm sorry. It only had 200,000 views so I figured it wasn't to popular.